Blakely Island Field Station

Blakely Island

For more information on Blakely Island Field Station, including information on summer courses, please see the BIFS website.

The Autumn 2017 issue of Response features two articles about Blakely Island: "Island Discovery" (about Blakely Island Field Station and Camp Casey) and "Caring for the Island" (about LeRoy and Cindy Hubbert, the BIFS caretakers).

Biology | Why I Teach

Why I Teach at SPU

Tim Nelson, Professor of Biology; Director of Blakely Island Field Station

“I’m motivated by providing students with the opportunity for a holistic undergraduate education, and medium-sized universities like SPU foster critical faculty-student interactions that broaden the students’ (and faculty’s) minds. What sets SPU apart from myriad other colleges, however, are the people and the location. It is the wonderful people I get to work with every day that tipped the balance for me. Being in a beautiful West Coast location didn’t hurt either!”