Becoming a Biology teaching or laboratory assistant

BIO 2129 TAs, Autumn 2018

TAs for BIO 2129 (Anatomy and Physiology), Autumn 2018
Back row: Ally Wire, Antonia Duerre, Sam Irwin
Front row: Front row: Olivia Wallace, Allison Wertenberger, Riley Hofheins

Students play an important and valuable role in supporting the many labs taught in the Biology department.  Students can serve as teaching assistants, working with faculty to assist in running the lab, answering students' questions, and grading assignments.  Students can also serve as laboratory assistants (or "preppers"), preparing the media, reagents and supplies needed for each lab.

Students who are interested in becoming a teaching or laboratory assistant may approach the course instructor for information about position responsibilities, and should submit an application to the Biology Laboratory Coordinator (in Eaton 212). Applications are generally due by the end of finals week preceding the quarter in which you wish to TA.