Meet the Chair: Derek Wood

Derek Wood

I am blessed to work with the Faculty of the Biology department, who all share a common goal of providing the highest-quality education for our students through the viewpoint provided by a shared Christian worldview.

Research is at the core of who we are as a department. Our faculty are committed to best preparing our students for careers in research, medicine, and the sciences by engaging them in real-world research projects, both in independent studies and in classroom laboratory work. Active involvement in the real process of science teaches students to think critically and apply what they have learned across disciplines to solve novel problems — skills that are essential in any career.

This research is done in the context of our shared Christian faith. This faith influences our dialogs on faith and science issues, and is core to why we choose to be scientists working as educators preparing students to most effectively engage and resolve problems to help those in need.

As students you are blessed with the opportunity to spend four years of your life focused on your education. This comes with a heavy responsibility to use what you learn to help others. Whether your career takes you into the medical field, research science, or some other biology-related field, you will find both the technical expertise and the caring guidance from the faculty at SPU that will allow you to hone your talents and apply them in service to the larger world — while at SPU and long after you leave.

Derek Wood
Chair of Biology
Associate Professor of Biology

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Derek Wood, Interim Co-Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, STEM and Social Sciences Division; Professor of Biology

"Teaching is a core part of my Christian focus on service, and I am blessed to work with our students at SPU who share a deep desire to help those in need. It is my hope to best prepare them for the challenges they will face in their lives and careers by teaching them to effectively, thoughtfully, and gracefully apply their knowledge to best serve the many needs of our world."