Mission and Student Learning Outcomes

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Our Mission Statement

The Department of Biology at Seattle Pacific University embraces the notion of intellectual rigor, enriched and enhanced by diversity along a number of dimensions, including cultural, ethnic, and national origins; gender, gender identity, and sexuality; disability; neurodiversity; and socio-economic class. We are especially committed to increasing the representation of populations that have been historically excluded from participation in U.S. higher education and academia. It is our intent to present materials and activities that are respectful and inclusive across all forms of diversity, for only when biology includes different perspectives can we truly understand God’s creation to the fullest of human comprehension.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students learn the major themes and core concepts of cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, organismal biology, ecology, and evolution by natural selection.

  2. Students develop a graduation plan and learn to access resources that support academic success.

  3. Students use appropriate supporting data and analyses to effectively communicate in oral and written forms.

  4. Students explore the integration of science with a Christian worldview.

  5. Students participate in authentic laboratory or field research.

  6. Students are prepared for graduate or professional training and careers related to the biological sciences.

Progress Flag

Biology stands with our LGBTQ+ colleagues and students

The SPU Biology Department believes that we are all created in the image of God, and we are unified in our respect of love among God's children, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. [The Progress Pride Flag was designed in 2018 by Daniel Quasar who built upon the traditional Rainbow Flag to represent marginalized LGBQT+ and transgender communities.]

Biology Career

What Can You Do With a Degree in Biology?

From analytical chemist to zoologist, many career paths are possible with a degree in Biology.