Undergraduate Majors

Biology Majors

The Biology Department at SPU offers seven undergraduate majors for you to choose from, each framed by rigorous coursework and critical, ethical thinking. 

Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Biology

If you dream of becoming a physical therapist, the Applied Human Biology major offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that will satisfy the basic requirements for entry into a physical therapy doctoral degree program, as outlined by the American Association of Physical Therapists.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

A bachelor of arts major in Biology provides a broad foundation in biology for liberal arts students and those preparing to teach at the junior high school or secondary level.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

You’ll be prepared for graduate studies or a professional career in biology with a bachelor of science in Biology. SPU’s strong emphasis on undergraduate research will give you a competitive edge when applying for internships, jobs, and graduate school. Choose core and elective coursework in botany, cellular and molecular biology, ecology, marine biology, physiology, or zoology to fit your interests and professional goals.

Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology

The Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology majors delve into an interdisciplinary field that bridges the fields of chemistry, structure, and biology to understand life and cellular processes at the molecular level. By understanding cellular mechanisms, you’ll be competitive in the “-omics” revolution, contributing to our understanding of disease.

Bachelor of Science in Ecology

An Ecology major opens the door to biological subdisciplines, including marine biology, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, behavioral ecology, and wildlife management. Ecology majors often attend graduate school or work as biologists after graduation.

Bachelor of Arts in Life Sciences

A Life Sciences major gives students the flexibility to tailor a degree that provides a solid foundation in biological sciences, and that can be paired with majors in other disciplines, including art, business management, criminal justice, and global development studies.

Bachelor of Science in Physiology

How do living things work? A major in Physiology looks at how our cells, muscles, and organs interact, providing a solid foundation for grad school and pre-professional training for medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and other health-related and applied biology fields.

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BIO 2129 TAs, Autumn 2018

Become a Teaching or Lab Assistant

Teaching and Lab Assistants help fellow students, grade assignments, lead tutorials, and prepare lab equipment and reagents. Learn more about this paid or for-credit role by asking a Biology professor or contacting the Biology Laboratory Coordinator (in Eaton 212).