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Meet the Admissions Staff

The Admissions staff is here to answer your questions and give you the information you need. Not sure who your admissions counselor is? Use our Find My Counselor tool to be pointed to the right staff member, then read our bios to get to know us better!

Valerie Conner

Associate Director of Recruitment and Welcome Team

Luke Davis

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Cathy Dominguez-Chinn

Assistant Director for Transfer Admissions

Dennis Gagaoin

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Kim Gilnett

Senior Admissions Counselor

Lisa Hirayama

Assistant Director for International Admissions

Katherine Limpin

Multicultural Outreach Admissions Counselor

Damon Smith, Jr.

Transfer Admissions Counselor

Ineliz Soto-Fuller

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Dan Thompson

Multicultural Outreach Admissions Counselor

Myra Veltkamp

Assistant Director for Visits and Events

Sarah Sooklal

Visits and Events Coordinator, Multicultural Outreach