Pre-Law Studies


There’s more to being a lawyer than just sending criminals to prison. From negotiating treaties and trade agreements to enforcing environmental laws and drafting patents that protect biotechnology breakthroughs, lawyers are involved. And SPU’s Pre-Law program opens the door to your career in law by preparing you for law school.

What Will You Study?

Pre-law is not a major and has no required courses. However, all students considering law school are strongly encouraged to take the following three-course sequence (each course is offered on alternate years):

  • POL 3780 Law and Society examines the philosophy of law, the organization and operation of America’s civil and criminal justice systems, and legal issues such as product liability, assisted suicide, civil forfeiture, and endangered species protection.

    The course also covers how to prepare for law school, and features guest speakers such as judges, lawyers, mediators, law school students, and law school admissions officers.

  • POL 4450 American Constitutional Law: Powers and POL4451 American Constitutional Law: Liberties study the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court, and the role of constitutional law in American government and society. Special attention is given to cases dealing with federalism and separation of powers.

  • POL 4452 International Law explores the basics of international law, including how it is made, the key institutions involved, and the enforcement of global law.

Other law-related courses at SPU include:

  • BUS 2414 Legal Environment of Business
  • JRN 3301 Media Law
  • SOC 3371 Crime and Delinquency
  • SOC 4250 Law and Society
  • POL 4452 International Law

Pre-law students are also encouraged to take courses that strengthen their skills of writing and analysis, which are crucial to success in law school, including PHIL 1001 Power of Logic.

    View a more complete listing of our current course offerings.

    Pre-Law Advising

    No matter where you are in the process, help and advice are available to you. If you’re considering law school, set up an appointment with SPU’s pre-law advisor, Dr. Caleb Henry, before the start of your junior year.

    LSAT Registration

    If you’re planning to enter law school, take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before the year you plan to attend.

    Legal Internships

    The pre-law program offers an internship program so pre-law students can gain firsthand knowledge of the legal world. Academic credit is available for such internships through the School of Business, Government, and Economics. Learn more about internships.

    Faculty Contact

    Reed Davis

    Professor Emeritus of Political Science
    PhD, University of Virginia

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    Interns in Olympia

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