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Tales From the Streets: SPU Students Take the Plunge

Urban PlungeTwice a year, during Seattle Pacific University’s Winter and Spring breaks, around 20 SPU students become homeless – voluntarily.

It's all part of Urban Plunge, a five-day immersion experience that gives participants a taste of what it's like to be homeless.

During the event, students spend their days exploring the streets; learn about resources available to Seattle's homeless population from speakers who represent social service agencies; and experience some of the challenges the homeless face. Nights are spent sleeping in a downtown church.

By meeting and interacting with homeless youth, the students learn firsthand about the complexities of life on the streets. For many of the participants, Urban Plunge represents a life-changing experience. And for a few, it changes their career focus.

Sponsored by SPU's Urban Involvement, the 2009 Spring Break Urban Plunge occurred March 19–23. To gain insights into the program, In the Loop asked three former participants to share from their experiences:

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