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How does SPU communicate with students?
SPU uses email as its main form of communication with students. This includes all financial, academic, and student life-related information. All students are required to have an SPU email address and are encouraged to review their SPU email daily, as instructors regularly inform students about class information through email.
When are bills sent?
Electronic notices of online statements (bills) are sent to students approximately the third week of each month. Statements will include incurred charges and payments made over the prior month.
How do I get a copy of my student’s bill?
Student financial information belongs to the student. Through the Banner Information System, students can authorize others to have access to their accounts and financial aid, and to receive statements. Talk to your student about gaining this access. They can provide it by following the instructions at Banner Info System -> Personal Menu -> Information Access Authorization (FERPA).
When is tuition due?
There are a variety of payment options, with payments typically due around the 10th of each month. The monthly statement will provide the actual due date for each option. Visit Student Financial Services for more information about payment billing options.
How do I pay tuition?
Payments can be made in person with cash or check; through the mail by check; online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted; there is a 2.75% fee on the transaction amount); or by electronic check (free). Students must provide parents access to the online functionality by setting them up as Authorized Payers. Visit Student Financial Services to learn more about authorized paying and other payment options.
How do students find out about financial aid opportunities?
Student Financial Services (SFS) regularly informs students about scholarship opportunities through electronic newsletters and invitations sent to their SPU email account. Students should also visit the SFS scholarship website for opportunities, as well as check their church, community organizations, parent(s) employer, local town or city hall, libraries, and high school guidance office –even if they've been out of high school for a few years. Any student who needs financial assistance should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit Student Financial Services.
Should my student set up a local bank account? How can they access money at SPU?
It's recommended that students have access to funds and accessible banking services, especially since many SPU students have a job while in school. Various options exist on the SPU campus.

U.S. Bank is located adjacent to the SPU Bookstore. In addition, Boeing Employee Credit Union (BECU) has a banking kiosk outside of the SPU Bookstore. ATM machines are available on campus:

• Outside of U.S. Bank
• Breezeway of the SPU Bookstore (BECU)
• Inside the Student Union Building (Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union)
• In the Weter Hall foyer (Bank of America)

View our campus map to locate these locations.
Does SPU provide money-management support for students?
Money management is an important skill that a college student needs to acquire. Students come to campus with different levels of experience in money management, so it’s important that students and their families discuss the ways students will manage their bank or credit union accounts.

SPU's Student Financial Services Office helps students learn and refine money management skills through online education and in-person financial education seminars.
How can students track their progress toward degree completion?
Each student has a faculty advisor and an undergraduate academic counselor assigned to him or her. The faculty advisor assists the student with applying to a major and in completing degree requirements. The academic counselor assists the faculty advisor with policy information and provides the student with information on transfer credits, academic standing, and study abroad opportunities. The academic counselor also does the official review of a students records before a degree is awarded.
Are there online tools to help students track degree completion?

Students have online tools that can be run anytime. The Degree Check program lets students know which general education and University requirements have been completed and which requirements need to be met. Students can also check their major specific requirements through the online Major Check.

Students may also check the Transfer Course Equivalency Guide to see exactly how courses from other institutions transferred to SPU. Once admitted to SPU, a student should always consult with an undergraduate academic counselor before taking a class at another institution.

Why can’t my student register?
Holds are placed on a student’s records for various reasons, ranging from incomplete paperwork and past-due payments to behavioral issues and academic probation. Students can view these any time and are notified about their holds when they receive their quarterly registration appointment. Students generally have three weeks to take care of these holds before registration. Visit Registration Restrictions for more information about holds.
Where do I find information about term dates, school vacations, Commencement, etc.?
You will find links to the current academic calendar and the next two years of academic highlights by visiting this calendar page.
Can I send my student a birthday cake, care package, or flowers through SPU?
Yes! SPU works with Gift University to help you send your student something special. Visit Gift University to see the wide variety of gifts and services available.