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Thanks to SPU

I would like to give a special thank you to Seattle Pacific University. It is the place where I learned my craft and the foundation for my lifelong career was set. My father and my brother also attended SPU and it has always been a special place for us. I look forward to seeing the summer edition of Response magazine.

Faye Rasmussen MEd ’82
Shoreline, Washington


River Blindness

I received my copy of Response in the mail the other day. It is a great issue; I loved reading about Tent City 3 and Dr. Guderian. As I flipped through the pages, I couldn’t help but feel increasingly proud of my alma mater.

Linet Madeja ’13


This is a tremendous article. So glad to get a broader, yet concise report. Ron always keeps such a low profile, that I’m thrilled this was written and so professionally done.

Marilyn Thompson
Cumming, Georgia


The article on river blindness in Response spring 2015 is most interesting.

Arlene Pielemeier ’73, ’77
Redmond, Washington


Dan Swanson and I spent three weeks [with Ron Guderian] in 1981 on the river taking biopsies when we were just 19 with absolutely zero medical knowledge. Of course we had to at least look official in order for the villagers to allow us to take three skin biopsies off each one, including children. One off the shoulder, one off the hip, and one off the thigh, using a pin and a scalpel. I did get a little nervous when they started telling me about their physical ailments, I’m sure hoping to get some medical advice. It was an unforgettable summer, right before heading off to college. And no, I did not end up in the medical field. However, I feel very honored to have had a small part in his research!

Michio Ozaki
The Woodlands, Texas


Protest and God’s Presence

We received the spring issue of Response and I read the article “Protest and God’s Presence” with disappointment in the content of the article by [Associate Professor of Theology] Brian Bantum. ... We have the vast majority of police and other officers committed to protecting all citizens, which would also include protecting our first family who happen to be black. We also need to tweet that “blue lives matter” ...

God said so, and so does our Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal.” When Dr. King called on America to cash this promissory note, he was calling on us to honor our founding principles and our God. Some black Americans are understandably suspicious that white America doesn’t seek to honor that check, and some in authority to teach young people devote their political talents to nurturing that suspicion, but for the vast majority of Americans, the money is in the bank, available anytime. ...

Robert Shillingstad
Hayden, Idaho


Though we have chosen to give the majority of our “tithes and offerings” to personal friends who are in ministry, we have always enjoyed Response magazine. And for that reason, I am writing for the first time. I was saddened by the article “Protest and God’s Presence” by Brian Bantum. ...

First, to include some of the names of common criminals to the list of black injustices does not serve the black community well, nor does it present a winning argument to the rest of the nation.

Second, to compare those specific issues to what happened/happens in China, Mexico City, etc., is petty and sad. I get so tired of different minority groups acting as if the situation in America is anything akin to what is happening in the “norm” around the world. ...

Let me say that since 1985 when I adopted a young black teen, I have walked with her as she finds her identity. I fear for her and hers because law-abiding blacks may pay for the legitimizing of criminals who happened to be black.

We all long for justice. We all long for the Kingdom promise of equality before a loving Father. We all know that our rights, privileges, are gifts from the Father for a given time and place. ...

Karen Zellmer Burroughs ’69
San Antonio, Texas


“Mr. Biology”

Dr. Ross Shaw (In Memoriam, Spring 2015 Response) also had many friends from his days at Wessington Springs College, South Dakota in the 1950s.

Gail Arnott ’69
Wessington Springs, South Dakota


Extra Magazine?

Cute picture of our son from the family area at First Free Methodist Church during Homecoming in the spring 2015 issue. Any chance I could order a few additional print copies?

Chris Henderson ’97
Snoqualmie, Washington

Editor’s Note: Yes! If you’d ever like an extra copy of Response for yourself or to share with a friend, please contact us at We’re able to make them available for free, although we happily encourage donations to SPU to offset costs.

Correction: In the “In Memoriam” listings in the spring 2015 Response, we erroneously stated that Rod Marshall ’79 was age 77 at his time of death. He was 57.

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