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Summer 2006 | Volume 29, Number 3

Leading With Passion
“I regard leadership as first of all articulating a vision,” says Philip W. Eaton, who marked his 10th year as president in 2006. In an anniversary interview, Eaton tells Response that leadership requires ideas big enough to capture the imagination.

      First Lady

      President Eaton's Editorial in The Seattle Times

A Sense of History
David McCullough, best-selling author of 1776 and John Adams, spoke at SPU’s 2006 Downtown Business Breakfast. In a conversation with SPU Professor of History Bill Woodward, McCullough argues that “a sense of history” is vital for the future.
      History as a Source of Pleasure, Strength, and Understanding

Evidence of National Amnesia
The “Elite College History Survey” documented that students in America’s most prestigious universities knew little about their country’s history. Test your own knowledge of American history with some of the same survey questions.

Lincoln and Divine Providence
Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address could be called his “Sermon on the Mount,” says historian Ronald White. In the address, Lincoln provided a theological understanding of the Civil War and a model for cultural engagement today.
      Second Inaugural Address

Let There Be Light
It’s a sight few modern Americans have ever witnessed: a turn-of-the-century house lit by open-flame gaslights. Historic lighting experts Dan Mattausch ’85 and Nancy Anunson Mattausch ’86 open their Washington, D.C., home to Response.

War and Peace
Whidbey Island’s Camp Casey was the home of soldiers in World Wars I and II. Since it was purchased by SPC 50 years ago, the former military site has been a peaceful refuge for tens of thousands of SPU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.

Recent History Masterworks

For those who enjoy David McCullough's approach to narrative history, SPU's Bill Woodward provides his own wide-ranging list of recent favorites in the genre. To read his list of history masterworks, click here.



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Artful Advocacy
A student-led campaign called “reVISION” brings an outpouring of support for those with AIDS.

School’s Out
Four professors with 121 combined years of commitment to the University say goodbye to SPU and hello to retirement.

Living His Dream
Young alum Bryce Phillips has built successful businesses while advocating work-life balance for himself and his employees.

Paradise Lost
In The New World, Pocahontas takes moviegoers on a spiritual journey some critics dubbed an overlooked masterpiece.

One for the Record Books
Falcon decathlete Chris Randolph became a two-time national champion while setting new SPU records.

My Response
A Class of 2006 graduate reflects on lessons learned in Havana, Cuba, and in a classroom visit from Edward Nixon — Richard Nixon’s brother.

Back-Cover Art
As Professor of Art Michael Caldwell retires, he shares a landscape from the Big Sky Country.

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