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General Information

The master's degree in curriculum and instruction is geared for certified teachers who want to develop their leadership skills and improve their instructional abilities. Under this "umbrella" master's degree, the online degree program offers you the opportunity to focus on teaching and learning concepts and strategies. When your degree work is completed, your Seattle Pacific University transcript will read: Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Specialization: Teaching and Learning.

The Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to help teachers strengthen their instructional skills while developing their leadership abilities for such roles as department chair, staff development leader, or curriculum coordinator.

There are four components in the curriculum and instruction degree: a research core; a curriculum/instruction core; an elective sequence; and a comprehensive examination. Each is described below.

Research Core

This sequence of courses prepares you to understand the basics of research in education so you become a competent consumer of quantitative and qualitative research designs. In this way, you're enabled to effectively read and analyze studies presented in professional journals.

Curriculum/Instruction Core

These courses provide the background, perspectives, and resources necessary for advanced study as a classroom teacher.

Elective Sequence

The elective courses allow you to delve more deeply into areas of reading, instructional technology and special education. While six elective courses (18 credits) are offered as part of the online program, you may transfer in up to six credits from another institution. Transfer credits must be less than two years old, be at the graduate level, have a grade of 3.0 (B) or above, and be of two-quarter-credits or more. All transfer credits must be approved by the School of Education.

Comprehensive Examination

This examination synthesizes the overall concepts, principles, and perspectives gained during the course of study.

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