Faculty Advisor Assignments

Students indicating a preferred major are assigned an advisor in the school or department in which that major is offered, whenever possible. Only students formally accepted into a major are guaranteed an advisor in their major.

  • You are required to meet with your faculty advisor if you have fewer than 45 earned credits at SPU, have not declared a major, have not been admitted to a major, or are not in good academic standing.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor before your registration appointment time. Once you have met with him or her, your faculty advisor will lift your hold so you can register.
  • You should have a faculty advisor for each major and minor you are pursuing.

To identify your faculty advisor, go to Banner, choose “Student Menu," and select the “Your Faculty Advisor” option.

Your faculty advisor will ...

  • Provide information about the possibilities, limitations, alternatives, and consequences of academic choices available to you.
  • Develop quarterly class schedules that meet your immediate and long-range objectives.
  • Explain the general requirements for completion of a baccalaureate degree.
  • Outline the requirements of a given major or minor.
  • Track your progress toward completion of the major or minor.
  • Assess your academic performance to detect any problem areas quickly.
  • Direct you to campus services and resources that can enhance your education experience.

Changing a faculty advisor

Some reasons why you would change your advisor include:

  • You change an intended major/minor.
  • Your advisor is not a good fit. (You do not need your current advisor's permission to change.)
  • You officially apply for a major or minor.
  • You request a major advisor be assigned to you, if you do not already have a faculty advisor in the department.

You can find your faculty advisor’s name in Banner. Enter the system and choose “Student Menu” followed by the “Your Faculty Advisor” option, and follow the instructions.