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Multi-Ethnic Ministries (THEO 4601) - Readings

These are the required readings for Multi-Ethnic Ministries from out of print texts and selected articles.

Articles are listed alphabetically by author's last name.

[web] Adeney, Miriam and Demaster, Katherine. "Muslims of Seattle." Published in Haddad, Yvonne and Smith, James, eds. Muslim Communities in North America. SUNY Press, 1994. Chapter 8.

[web] Bock, Paula. "I Consider Myself Me." The Seattle Times Magazine (November 15, 1998): 1-14.

[web] Barna, George. The Faith of Hispanics Is Shifting. Barna Research Online. January 3, 2001. www.barna.org

[web] Barna Research Group. Existing Stereotypes About African Americans Are Way Off the Mark and Impede Reconciliation. Barna Research Online. April 17, 2001. www.barna.org

[web] Eapen, Anne. "Ethnic Churches - Racism in the pews?" Christian Info News (April 1996): 1,6,7.

[web] Eng, William. "What ABCs Need." About Face (August 1996): 1-2.

[web] Kaplan, Robert D. "Travels Into America's Future." The Atlantic Monthly (August 1998): 37-61.

[web] Lee, Helen. "Silent Exodus. Can the East Asian church in America reverse the flight of its next generation?" Christianity Today (August 12, 1996): 50-53.

[web] Ling, Samuel. "The 'Chinese' Way of Doing Things: Contours of OBC-ABC Cultural Differences." Chinese Around the World, June-August 1984.

[web] Padilla, Maria. "Black Hispanics resist color labels." The Seattle Times, November 12, 2000.

[web] Ramirez, Marc. "Muslim in America." The Seattle Times, January 24, 1999.

[web] Shigematsu, Ken. "Ethnic must become multi-ethnic." About Face (May 1996)

[web] Whiteman, Darrell. "Contextualization: The Theory, the Gap, the Challenge." International Bulleting of Missionary Research (January 1997)

[web] Wong, Joseph. "Why Do We Say 'ABC'?" About Face (May 1996): 1,2-4.

[web] Wong, Wayland. "Are ABC Ministries essential for OBC Churches?" About Face (November 1997): 1-2.

[web] Yuen, Peter. "Anxieties About ABC Ministries" About Face (August 1996): 1-3.

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