The Center for Career and Calling denounces and stands against racism.

We stand in solidarity with and support Black lives.

We recognize that the state of race in America is harmfully affecting our Black community.

We stand with our students, alumni, campus community and greater Seattle area in calling for meaningful action, and we remain committed in devoting time, energy, and resources to address the systemic and racial injustices that continue to persist in our society.

We understand that Black Lives Matter is about more than a social media post. We have been listening, learning, and educating ourselves on how to continue our work to address issues of racism, inequities, and bias.

We believe career development work is social justice work. Specifically, the Center for Career and Calling commits to:

  • Recognizing that bias exists in the workplace, continuing to examine our own biases, being mindful of the hidden prejudices, and consciously challenging every decision we make.

  • Identifying and partnering with employers who are committed to addressing inequity in the workplace, and offering positive environments for Black students.

  • Partnering with Black-owned businesses for events and services.

  • Collaborating better with other campus partners to support Black students and other students of color.

  • Upscaling our staff training and education to better address racial inequities, microaggressions, and racism.

  • Continuing our efforts to recruit and hire professional and student staff members who represent our student population.

  • Continuously developing more concrete plans to further our pledge to all marginalized communities, specifically Black lives.