As faculty at SPU, you have a powerful impact on the career journey of your students. The CCC recognizes and appreciates the unique relationship you have developed with them, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with you to design programs and services specific to their needs.

Ways to partner with us

Here are some of the ways you can partner with the CCC to support the professional formation of your students:

  • Allow our peer career advisors (PCAs) to give a five- to 10-minute introduction to the services available at the CCC.
  • Invite us to present a career-related workshop in your class or to your student club or group — or we can even teach a class while you’re away.
  • Collaborate with us on a program specifically for your class or department (e.g., recruiter presentation, employer meet-up, career trek, industry career conversations panel).
  • Incorporate career-related information into one or more of your class sessions (ask us for ideas).
  • Invite a CCC career counselor, vocational discernment counselor, or employer relations manager to a faculty meeting or retreat.
  • Send employer referrals and job postings to Handshake.
  • Announce our career events to your students in class and via your listserv or LinkedIn group, and join them in attending.
  • Log in to your faculty account on Handshake to help advise students on employers, mentor opportunities, jobs, and internships.


The National Academic Advising Association provides good information and resources related to academic advising.

Learn more >

CCC Academic Department Liaisons

Although our career counselors are generalists and work with students from all majors, each counselor is assigned to act as the CCC liaison for specific faculty and department needs.

Please contact the CCC and we will connect you with the appropriate counselor.

SPU Reach

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Register or sign in to your faculty account on Handshake to help advise your students on employers, mentor opportunities, and jobs and internships — and consider signing up to be a mentor.

Calling and Clarity book cover

Calling & Clarity: Discovering What God Wants for Your Life

Doug Koskela explores how gifts, passions, and vocation relate to one another, and offers practical guidance for vocational discernment. You can borrow a hard copy from the CCC Library or check out the ebook from the SPU Library.