Faculty advising resources

As trusted faculty and advisors, you will often be called upon to help your students discern their calling or choose a major. The resources below might be helpful in guiding the discussion and helping students develop a plan of action.

Career decisions today may be particularly difficult, given the rapidly changing job market. Keeping up with the information that affects the world of work and understanding how it will impact your students can be challenging. The Center for Career and Calling can assist your students in the following ways:

Partnerships between faculty and the CCC can combine our strengths and resources for the benefit of our students. Please feel free to let us know how we can help with developing career and calling content for your classes, co-creating a career event or employer panel for your majors, or presenting a workshop on a career topic in one of your classes. 

Contact us at ccc@spu.edu for more information. 

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Calling and Clarity book cover

Calling & Clarity: Discovering What God Wants for Your Life

Doug Koskela explores how gifts, passions, and vocation relate to one another, and offers practical guidance for vocational discernment. You can borrow a hard copy from the CCC Library or check out the ebook from the SPU Library.