How do I register for internship credit?

Once you have secured an internship, register for credit through the Handshake Student/Alumni module. 

  1. Begin looking for an internship at least five weeks before the quarter in which you wish to do your internship.  
  2. Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss specific requirements for an internship in your major, and the suitability of the positions or organizations you may already have identified.  
  3. Find a faculty sponsor who will work with you to identify the learning objectives, and approve and grade your internship. (This can be your faculty advisor or another faculty member in the major of your internship.)  
  4. After you find your internship, but before you register for credit, meet with your faculty sponsor to:
    • Define learning objectives — specific skills to be developed, knowledge to be gained.
    • Identify learning activities that support the learning objectives.
    • Determine how learning objectives and activities will be verified for course grade evaluation, such as papers, portfolios, and/or presentations.
    • Decide on the number of academic credits you will receive based on the hours and length of your internship.
      • Use the Internship Learning Form Worksheet to gather the information required for registration on Handshake.
      • Initiate the registration process by logging into Handshake and clicking on the “Career Center” tab at the top of the page. Click on “Experiences” in the drop down and then “Request an Experience.” For “Experience Type” choose the “Experience General” unless you are requesting approval to register for the Business 4942 Internship Reflection Class in which case you will select BUS 4942 Internship Reflection Class Approval Form.  
      • After your online form has been submitted, a staff member in the Center for Career and Calling will initiate the approval process. Approvals take place sequentially — first your faculty sponsor, then your site supervisor, and finally SAS will approve and register you for credit. NOTE: BUS4942 students will have the block taken off their account so they can register on Banner.
      • Make sure your approvals are completed on time. You can view your internship on SPU Handshake by returning to the “Career Center” tab and clicking on “Experiences.” You will be able to see who has approved and who is still pending. If your faculty sponsor or site supervisor are still pending as the 10th day of the quarter approaches, be sure to remind them to check their inbox for an email from Handshake and act on it promptly. Do not wait until the last minute!
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