Networking debunked

Networking Debunked

Does the thought of networking make you tired? Nervous? You are not alone!

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Designing Your Career: The Outsider Problem

The Outsider Problem is what many people experience as they begin searching for new jobs or try to change industries. This video gives context to frame the two most powerful tools in designing your career: Networking and Informational Interviewing.

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Designing Your Career: The Informational Interview

Informational interviewing is a powerful way to create new opportunities. This video covers the essential elements of informational interviewing to help you learn, look for work, or 'prototype' new experiences effectively.

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Designing Your Career: The Networking Reframe

Networking is a great way to learn and explore professional opportunities. Many people worry that networking is fake or transactional, but when we understand it as asking for directions it's easier to see how it can be authentic and mutually-beneficial.

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The Two Types of Networking: Outbound and Inbound

As you begin networking, it's useful to have different strategies for connecting with people. This video outlines what we call Inbound and Outbound Networking.

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Designing Your Career: The Elevator Conversation

Many people feel they need to have an elevator pitch to generate professional opportunities. But understanding this 'pitch' as a conversation helps create more authentic interactions and is even more useful in designing your career.

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