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Meet Tara Walker
Major: Mathematics
Company: Tableau Software
Position: Data Analyst
Location: Seattle, Washington

What attracted you to the position?

I have always loved playing with numbers and data.  I also love teaching and tutoring. The Data Analyst position at Tableau offered me a place where I could do both.

How did you find the position?

I took the College to Career Planning course spring quarter of my Junior year with the hopes that I would land a job post-graduation. This class required me to create a LinkedIn profile and make it look professional. Shortly after taking this class, a recruiter from Tableau reached out to me on LinkedIn through the direct message. She had gotten my name from someone at SPU and just wanted to know a little more about me and my interests. I had a few correspondences with her about the company and my background—all of which were very positive. At the time, I already had summer plans and was not ready to start looking for a job. However, I ended that string of emails on a great note with the recruiter encouraging me to contact her with any further questions.
As graduation neared, I was looking on LinkedIn for jobs with titles such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, etc. A posting for a Data Analyst at Tableau popped up on the feed when I was searching for jobs with these types of titles in the greater Seattle area. When I found the link for the Data Analyst position at Tableau, I reached out to that same recruiter asking her the following questions: 1.) Did she mind if I asked her some questions about the Data Analyst position? 2.) If she couldn’t answer the questions, could she point me in the direction of someone who knew more? She responded back quickly saying that she did not work on that particular job, but if I sent her my résumé that she would forward it on to the recruiter hiring for that particular job. Later that week, I had an email from the recruiter on the Data Analyst position asking if I could schedule a phone interview. From there, I had another phone interview followed by two in person interviews. I have been at my new job for three days so far and absolutely love it!

What advice would you offer your peers who are looking for a job or internship?
I would just give the advice that expanding your network is a HUGE. Going out of your way to talk with people never hurts. People generally love chatting with students who are eager to join the working world. Be ready to give your short speech about who you are and why you love what you do. Also, start looking for jobs or internships in fields that you are passionate about.

Is there anything specific that the SPU Center for Career & Calling helped you with?
Having and knowing how to navigate LinkedIn has been invaluable! I really appreciate all the help I have received along the way form the Center for Career & Calling.


Meet Kira Hendricksen
Major: Global Development
Company: Provail
Position: Donor Relationship Manager
Location: Seattle, Washington

What attracted you to the position?

I had previously worked in Non-profit development with Agros International here in Seattle, and I wanted to get back into the non-profit world. I actually applied for the development assistant position, but at my second round of interviews they asked me if I was interested in the Relationship Manager position instead, because they saw something in me that was a better fit in this other position. I was thrilled to be considered for a manager position as my first role with this organization.

How did you find the position?
I found out about the organization and the development position through Idealist.org, which was my favorite tool for job searching in the non-profit sector.

What advice would you offer your peers who are looking for a job or internship?
Be patient. It really takes time for the whole process to pan out; from getting all your information and resume ready, to actively applying, to the waiting to hear about interviews, and even the interview process itself. I had to go through three rounds of interviews for this job, but it was well worth it, because I was able to interview the organization as well to see if this position was going to be a good fit for me.

Is there anything specific that the SPU Center for Career & Calling helped you with?
The whole process!! I had help with getting my resume up to speed, and how to showcase my international experience on my resume, as well as specific tailoring to job descriptions, and cover letter editing. Such helpful people, and all that effort paid off with a wonderful job! I feel like this is a great move into launching my non-profit career, and it started with sitting down at the career center and working on my goals and skills.



Meet Rebeccah Noble
Major: Educational Ministries
Company: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District
Position: Realty Clerk
Location: Seattle, Washington

What attracted you to the position?

Applying critical thinking skills, organizational mechanisms, and collaborating in a team environment to solve problems for the benefit of others including our service members drew me to this position. I was thrilled with a civilian job opportunity that would allow me to earn a living while still volunteering my time in the evening and on weekends within my local church body and alongside parachurch ministries. While at first glance my undergraduate degree does not seamlessly match my employment position, I am both blessed and challenged to continue studying theology through teaching and leading others in their Christian faith development while working in an environment that serves the needs of the American people.

How did you find the position?
Through networking, I was initially hired as a student intern during my sophomore year at Seattle Pacific University. While working on my theology degree and serving in my local church, I began work as an administrative assistant within the Real Estate Division at the Seattle District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. SPU’s excellent liberal arts education prepared me with the necessary critical thinking skills to flourish in any given setting, even one outside of my specific undergraduate course of study. As my graduation date loomed ever closer, my management team provided me with an opportunity to accept a permanent position as a full-time hire to begin immediately following my degree completion.

What advice would you offer your peers who are looking for a job or internship?
I would advise continuous networking, applying to SPU’s Mentor Program, communicating regularly with your professors in your course of study, and conducting yourself well in professional social settings over the various breaks from your coursework. You never know whom you may be introduced to in various social circles that will help you move forward in your job or internship search.

Is there anything specific that the SPU Center for Career & Calling helped you with?
I would strongly recommend all students to take full advantage of the Center for Career & Calling. I highly valued the professional guidance on crafting a cover letter, resume, and compiling a list of references that was the hallmark of the course titled “College to Career Planning.” Students can only benefit from spending time in the CCC, even more so because it is free and will enhance your professional persona for the rest of your life.



Meet Sam Lee
Major: Communications
Company: Super Charge Marketing
Position: Social Media and Marketing Manager
Location: Lynnwood, Washington

What attracted you to the position?

The power of social media has been growing at a startling rate. Every couple of years there’s a new medium through which millions of people communicate. Being an early adapter to Linkedin, Google+, and other social media sites has always been something I’ve done naturally. As more and more businesses learn to communicate to their target audience through social media, the value of these sites also rise. My position allows me to continually seek after new forms of social media and new ways to communicate to millions of people and that’s what drew me to the position.

How did you find the position?
Career Counselors at the CCC and third party sites such as Campus Point are great resources. Networking is key and you are much more likely to get an interview that can lead to a job through someone you already know.

What advice would you offer your peers who are looking for a job or internship?
Get an internship in a relevant field ASAP and never give up! It took me close to 6 months to find my dream job and over hundreds of job applications and dozens of interviews. It’s frustrating hearing the same rejection: “We like you but decided to go with someone with more experience” so get experience wherever you can, even if it’s an unpaid internship. As long as you believe in yourself and are confident during interviews, you will find a job/ career.

Is there anything specific that the SPU Center for Career & Calling helped you with?
SPU Center for Career & Calling really helped me to look at the bigger picture. Initially I was only looking for sales jobs since that’s where I had experience, the career counselor at the Center for Career & Calling pushed me to look for a job that I would truly enjoy and a position where my major would be relevant. It might seem counter-productive to work a part-time job for a few months while you look for the ideal job, but looking back, the time I spent to figure out what I really wanted to do was definitely worth it. Time flies by once you’re out of school so spend as much time while you’re still a student to figure out what it is that you want to do after graduation.


Meet Jake O'Leary, SPU class of 2013
Degree: BA in Business Administration
Company: PACCAR
Position: Inventory Planner
Location: Bellevue, Washington

What attracted you to this position?
A lot of what I do in my position as an Inventory Planner is what we learned in my favorite class at SPU, Operations Management.  I derive plans for our inventory levels to try and meet our demand.  This involves looking at data such as seasonal trends, lead times and forecasts.  I have to be as efficient as possible when ordering parts while also trying to meet goals laid out for me by management.  I really enjoy working and communicating with people on a daily basis to meet these goals.

How did you find the position?
I did an internship with PACCAR the summer before my senior year.  After the internship was complete, I stayed in contact with my boss as well as the HR department.  When March of my senior year came around, a job opened up and because I had continued to network, I had an inside lead on the job and ended up getting the job.

What advice would you offer your peers who are looking for a job or internship?
It's simple. Take advantage of every opportunity because you never know what will it will lead to. SPU offers a lot of opportunities such as the mentor program. This is something every student needs to take advantage of.  You have the opportunity build a relationship with a professional in the field you want to work in. This gives you a better idea of what it would be like to work in that field and gives you a connection in the industry. You should also take advantage of the Center for Career and Calling for the simple reason that it is FREE! Why would you not take FREE résumé, interview, and career advice from professionals? I felt like I was a regular in the CCC during my junior year when I was trying to get an internship. I really do believe that without the counselors helping me with my cover letter and interview skills I would not have landed the internship. At the very least, take one of the classes the CCC counselors teach. I took both Internship & Career Strategies and College to Career Planning. Each time I learned something that would help me after college.

Is there anything specific that the SPU Center for Career & Calling helped you with?
The CCC helped me with everything. I learned how to properly write a cover letter and got some helpful résumé tips, but they really helped me with my interview skills. I felt really embarrassed after totally blowing an internship interview and knew I needed some help. I remembered the CCC offered practice interviews and knew I had to sign up for one, even though I really didn’t want to. Although the counselors cannot predict the questions you will be asked, the more practice you get in the uncomfortable interview setting, the better you will do when it really matters. Confidence goes a long way and these practice interviews gave me the confidence I needed to be successful during an interview.



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