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Steps to Creating An Internship Position


Step One:

Set objectives for the internship. Assign a supervisor who is responsible for providing training and maintaining contact with the intern.

Step Two:

Write a job description (include duties and responsibilities, educational qualifications, background and skills needed, # of hours/week, compensation, and application procedure).

Internships are generally 10-20 hours/week during the academic year and part to full-time during the summer. The internship should be a professional track position. The job description must be more than filing, answering the phone, photocopying and other routine responsibilities.

Check our Recruiting Policy for other site requirements.

Step Three:

Post the position using our online job and internship system, SPULink. CCC staff will approve your position and you will be notified when it goes live. If you do not have an SPULink account, you will be asked to create one first.  Your employer account will need to be approved before your job or internship is posted, but you can complete both forms at the same time.

Step Four:

Interested students will apply directly to you according to the procedures you have requested in SPULink. You choose the applicants you wish to interview and hire.

Step Five:

The student develops learning objectives and activities for the internship with the assigned supervisor and completes an Internship Learning Contract (provided by SPU) and obtains approval from the supervisor and faculty sponsor.

Step Six:

The student begins work at your organization on an agreed upon date and continues to do so until the end of the internship. The internship period may be for a number of consecutive quarters or may be quarter-to-quarter. The minimum length of the internship should be 8-10 weeks.

Step Seven:

A quality internship site will ensure that the interns are trained on the job as well as receiving an orientation to the organization. In addition, continual feedback, both positive and negative, provides the student with a valuable learning experience.

Step Eight:

It is your responsibility to work with your intern and give them feedback both continually and upon their departure from your organization. You and your intern will receive links to online evaluation forms near the end of the quarter which you may use as a basis for evaluation.  It is very important to complete your evaluation in a timely manner so that it may be sent to your intern's faculty advisor by the grade deadline.  If you would like to complete the evaluation earlier in the quarter, please contact Pat Parsons at pparsons@spu.edu.

Interested in becoming a work study employer?

Work study positions can often be structured as internships because they directly relate to a student's field of study. Employers must be approved by the Washington Student Achievement Council and Seattle Pacific University before hiring students through the State Work Study (SWS) program. For more information on becoming a work study employer, contact the Office of Student Employment.



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