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The Wonder of Science

Science, the pursuit of answers to questions about the "what?" and the "how?" of our universe, can challenge our assumptions and reveal a magnificent interconnectedness between seemingly disparate things. It can inspire a tremendous sense of awe. And it can provide new glimpses of God the creator.

For many Seattle Pacific University faculty members, science is also an open door to interdisciplinary discovery.

Associate Professor of Biochemistry Benjamin McFarland, for instance, reads DNA as poetry, a "language" that helps us to imagine how God’s Word became flesh. In the study of mathematical sets, Associate Professor of Mathematics Robbin O’Leary finds a deeper understanding of an infinite God. And Professor of History Don Holsinger sees an opportunity for multicultural understanding in recent research about the Islamic roots of modern science.

Read on as these members of the SPU faculty celebrate science by connecting some unexpected dots.

Built With Words

Built With Words

What Chemists and Poets Have in Common
By Benjamin McFarland

Thinking About the Infinite

Thinking About the Infinite

A Mathematical Concept — and a Glimpse of God
By Robbin O'Leary, Professor of Mathematics

Unveiling History

Unveiling History

The Islamic Roots of Western Science
By Don Holsinger, Professor of History

SPU theatre

Diving for Answers

Students Go Deep With Research Opportunities
By Clint Kelly