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The Accidental Executive

The Accidential Executive

Lessons in Business, Faith, and Calling from the Life of Joseph

Al Erisman, Executive in Residence, School of Business, Government, and Economics

Hendrickson Publishers, 2015

Part workplace manual, part spiritual guidance, Erisman’s book uses the life of Joseph from the Old Testament as an example of how to live a life of integrity in the workplace, no matter your job.

Worship Outside the Music Box

Worship Outside the Music Box

Theology of Music and Worship and Multi-Ethnic Ministry

Stephen Newby, Associate Professor of Music

Redemption Press, 2015

Drawing on years of research and worshipleading experience, Newby presents a guide for creating multicultural, multiethnic worship gatherings that reflect the diversity of God’s kingdom.

River Song: Naxiyamtáma (Snake River-Palouse)

River Song: Naxiyamtáma (Snake River-Palouse)

Oral Traditions from Mary Jim, Andrew George, Gordon Fisher, and Emily Peone

Richard Scheuerman, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction (co-editor)

Washington State University Press, 2015

This book records the stories of four Naxiyamtáma Indian elders, offering significant insight into indigenous history, tradition, and culture.

Why the Church?

Why the Church?

Rob Wall, Paul T. Walls Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies

Abingdon Press, 2015

Writing on the New Testament’s view of the church, Wall identifies robust ecclesiological concerns and commitments present in the text that indicate a deep value for the church as an institution. His argument contributes not only to New Testament studies, but also to theology and church history.