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Web Feature Posted January 5, 2015

The 2014 Response Top 15

In Their Own Words: One of 2014's top 15 articles for Response online.
“In Their Own Words” was one of the 2014 top 15 articles for Response online. Photo by Luke Rutan.

Last year, the nearly 110,000 Response online visitors stretched from Moscow, Idaho, to Moscow, Russia; from Athens, Georgia, to Athens, Greece; and from Milwaukie, Oregon, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Readers also checked in from Kenya, Iraq, France, and Nepal — and from South Carolina, South Africa, North Dakota and North Korea.

Here’s the list of Response online readers’ most-viewed articles published in 2014:

15. Homecoming 2014 (Spring 2014)
A brief roundup of Homecoming — and a link to lots of additional images.

14. Side by Side (Winter 2014)
Find out how Associate Professor of Biology Cara Wall-Scheffler guides her students’ learning through relationships.

13. Of Putin and Pins: A Conversation With Madeleine Albright (posted July 2014)
SPU political science professors, Katya Drozdova and Ruth Ediger, sit down with the former U.S. Secretary of State and 2014 Downtown Business Breakfast speaker.

12. From Aari to Zuni (Spring 2014)
Linguist Gary Simons ’74 has spent decades tracking and researching the world’s 7,105 living languages.

11. Let Light Shine Out of Darkness (Summer 2014)
The SPU community’s response to the June 5 shooting — finding strength in God and one another.

10. Scholar in Chains (Summer 2014)
Alumnus Kassa Wolde-Mariam ’56 married a princess, served an emperor, and was martyred by communists

9. Photo Gallery: 2014 Ivy Cutting and Undergraduate Commencement (posted June 2014)
For graduates and for the SPU community, the 2014 Undergraduate Commencement ceremony was a milestone and a time of grateful celebration.

8. What Are the 2014 Oscars Missing? (Posted February 2014)
Is it possible that, in the midst of Oscar-season clamor, we missed some of the most meaningful films of 2013?

7. Pastor on the Street (Winter 2014)
The 2015 Alumnus of the Year, Rick Reynolds ’75, has devoted his ministry to making the unseen seen.

6. Filling in the Blanks (Spring 2014)
When public schools need help with struggling students, community partners are stepping in.

5. Growing Up in the University Years (Spring 2014)
SPU President Dan Martin and Provost Jeff Van Duzer talk about the transformative nature of college.

4. In Their Own Words (Summer 2014)
These Class of 2014 graduates describe what it was like to be the first members of their families to earn a college degree.

3. Student Investigates Metabolism at Mayo Clinic (Spring 2014)
Amber Givens, then an SPU senior, earned one of only 120 Mayo Clinic undergraduate research fellowships.

2. Ferguson and Beyond (Posted August 2014)
Following the shooting of Michael Brown and ongoing protests, a nationwide conversation about race and injustice emerged — with members of the SPU community directly involved in it.

1. Remembering Jennifer Johnson Gilnett (Posted September 2014)
A remembrance — and additional memories from readers — of Response’s beloved senior editor, Jennifer Johnson Gilnett ’81, who passed away suddenly in September 2014.