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Up the Yangtze Movie review

Up the Yangtze Movie review

New Movie Review:
Up the Yangtze
Winter 2009 | Volume 32, Number 1

Wounded Healer

Wounded Healer
Wounded HealerDamian Black believes in second chances, even for the gang members who shot his sister. A young community leader, he says violent youth are in need of justice — and forgiveness, a new purpose, and God’s love.

Grabbing Hold of Hope

When Families Falter
When Families Falter Home may be where the heart is, but sometimes it’s where the hurt is as well. For damaged family relationships, reconciliation requires committed people and hard work.

Biblical Reconciliation
Biblical Reconciliation What do the Scriptures say about “reconciliation”? And what is different about a distinctly Christian idea of “reconciliation”?

Stronger Together
Stronger Together Community partnerships are the key to serving people and solving problems, says Tali Hairston, director of SPU’s John Perkins Center for Reconciliation.

Reconciling the Future

Religion as a Catalyst for Peace
Religion as a Catalyst for Peace Praised by leaders around the world, Douglas Johnston has worked to resolve conflicts in such hot spots as Pakistan, Sudan, and Iran — incorporating religion as part of the solution.

The Gift of Rwanda
Works of Love in the Midst of Hate
Lessons of the Reservation

Toward a “Heavenly Unity”?
Toward a Heavenly Unity?Is unity in the Christian Church desirable or possible? Frank Spina, Randy Rowland, Thomas Howard, and Eugene Peterson respond. Then Barbara Williams-Skinner asks whether the Black Church is ready to lead toward racial unity in the Church, and Bishop Kallistos Ware describes his path to Orthodoxy.

The Black Church and the Promise of Racial Reconciliation
My Journey Into the Orthodox Church

Let Justice Roll Down Some More
Let Justice Roll Down Some MoreIt’s the annual Response book feature: Join other members of the SPU community in reading the classic autobiography of a national treasure, John Perkins.

Join SPU in Reading Let Justice Roll Down
Building Your Library: More Readings on Reconciliation
Perkins’ Story Inspires Student Response to Community Needs