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Lectio: Latin for “reading”

This free online resource allows you to explore God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, with the guidance of an outstanding biblical scholar who has a deeply personal Christian faith.

You can read the Lectio, listen to a podcast, or both.

Using the Lectio: Guided Bible Reading

This Lectio: Guided Bible Reading is a free service offered by the Center for Biblical and Theological Education at Seattle Pacific University. You are welcome to print and distribute, or otherwise share, any Guided Bible Reading, as long as (1) you attribute the Guided Bible Reading to its author and to the Center for Biblical and Theological Education at Seattle Pacific University, (2) you do not use the Guided Bible Reading for commercial purposes, and (3) you do not alter, transform, or build upon the Guided Bible Reading. Copyright information.

Lectio Guides

Mark Abbott, D.Min
Mark Abbott, D.Min
Pastor Emeritus, First Free Methodist Church
Daniel Castelo
Associate Professor of Dogmatic and Constructive Theology
Robert Drovdahl, PhD
Professor of Educational Ministry
Stephen Fowl, PhD
Stephen Fowl, PhD
Professor of Theology, Loyola University Maryland
Nijay Gupta, Ph.D.
Nijay Gupta, PhD
Assistant Professor of New Testament, George Fox University
Laura Holmes
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Sara Koenig
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Jeffrey Keuss, PhD
Professor of Christian Ministry, Theology, and Culture
Jack Levison, Ph.D.
Jack Levison, PhD
W.J.A. Power Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and Biblical Hebrew, Southern Methodist University
Bo Lim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Old Testament
David Nienhuis
Associate Professor of New Testament Studies
Dr. Frank Spina
Professor of Old Testament
Rick Steele, Ph.D.
Professor of Moral and Historical Theology
Rob Wall
Paul T. Walls Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies