Tips for Using Lectio: Guided Bible Reading to Lead a Group Bible Study

  1. Determine the purpose and agenda for your group. Are you primarily interested in Bible study? Or more interested in a prayer and share gathering? Will you have a covenant? Will participants be asked to do any reading outside of group time? How long will you meet and how often? Who will lead, or will there be shared leadership? Be specific in how you plan your meeting time. 
  2. Become familiar with the Lectio. Spend some time exploring the various aspects of the Lectio — the archived readings, the podcast function, the artwork, and author’s notes. 
  3. Make the Lectio work for your group. You can adapt the Lectio schedule and material to meet the needs and purposes of your group. Don’t feel that you have to read or study all the material. 
  4. Begin with prayer. Have someone start each meeting with a prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit’s presence with the group. 
  5. Read the biblical text. By reading the Scripture passage before turning to the Lectio, the group will get more out of the Lectio. If the week’s passage is several chapters, you may want to choose just one part to read. Consider reading the biblical text aloud, taking turns reading, as this can bring it to life. 
  6. Read or listen to the Lectio (or both). Consider listening to the podcast of the Lectio while participants read along (either from a projected version or from a printed copy). Listening and reading at the same time can aid comprehension.
  7. Send us your feedback. We would love to hear from you. Email us ( about how your group is doing and how we can help make your time in God’s Scripture more effective.