Navigate Your First Quarter

You’re starting a life-changing experience, one that you get to shape. College is about much more than just getting a degree. It's about preparing you to succeed in your life and make a positive difference — at work, at home, in your community and beyond. To help you accomplish those goals, Student Academic Services provides important resources ranging from assistance with registering to determining how studying abroad will work for you academically. 

For your first quarter, we’ve created a special Navigation Guide which will lay out important things for you to be thinking about at particular points in the quarter. It will arrive in your email inbox every Monday, so you can look for its arrival each week. Topics will range from how to prepare for the first day of class to when you should meet with your faculty advisor. 

There's lots to learn in a new place and academic environment. We want to ease your transition by giving you these personalized tips, which can set the stage for a meaningful and successful undergraduate experience at SPU. 

View the Navigation Guide here!

Weekly Navigate Emails