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Field Service Methods (THEO 3630) - Readings

These are the required readings for Field Service Methods from out of print texts and selected articles.

Articles are listed alphabetically by author's last name.

[web] Claerbaut, David. Urban Ministry. Grand Rapids, MI: Zonderban Publishing House, 1983. Chapters 2, 3, and 4.

[web] Finnegan, William. "The Unwanted." The New Yorker. December 1, 1997: 61-78.

[web] Foure, Fouad. "Refugeehood." Migration World (Vol. XVI, No. 4/5): 40-41.

[web] Ingrassia, Michele. "America's New Wave of Runaways." Newsweek (April 4, 1994): 64-65

[web] McCowan, Tim. "Principalities and Powers: Contrasting Views." phronesis 5 (1998) 59-88.

[web] Parfit, Michael. "Human Migration." National Geographic (October 1998): 6-35

[web] Parker, Laura. "Homeless find the streets growing colder." USA Today (December 3, 1998): A16-17

[web] Tizon, Alex. "A new world of crime and gangs." Seattle Times.

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