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Time Management Handouts

3 Keys to Time Management

A 3-level time management system helps you stay on top of deadlines, time commitments, and tasks. Make the most of your time this quarter with this guide to time management.

Creating a Quarterly Calendar

Keep track of an entire quarter of deadlines and tasks--at a glance. This tool will help you break your large tasks into manageable pieces.

Creating a Weekly Schedule

Do you know where you spend your time? A weekly schedule will keep you focused on your academic goals--and help you plan for rest and fun. Want to download and customize your weekly schedule? Check out the Weekly Schedule in Word.

Other Time Management Resources

provided by Seattle Pacific University 's Center for Learning

  • Time Management Priorities will help you prioritize the things you need and want to accomplish during the quarter and allows you to calculate how much time each activity requires per week.
  • Quarterly Assignment Schedule allows you to organize assignments due throughout the quarter on a two-page tool arranged weekly. The tool shows you pending assignments throughout the quarter.
  • Weekly To Do List is a tool for managing your tasks on weekly basis. Print this page and use it as your weekly to-do list to keep all your various task lists on one page.

Time Management Links

Follow these links for great time and task management resources. Each of these sites offers learning resources appropriate for college-level learners. Please note that neither SPU nor the Center for Learning is responsible for contents on the following pages.

  • Assignment Calculator
    University of Minnesota provides an assignment calculator to help you manage your tasks. The Web site gives you a step-by-step guide to completing your assignment, along with study tips and relevant subject-related resources. Some services linked to the assignment calculator (ie: library services) are only for UM students, but there's still plenty of helpful and applicable resources to be explored through this tool. This tool is most helpful for writing and/or research assignments.
  • The basics of time and task management
    Found at Dartmouth's Academic Skills Center site, this resource provides an online video training on time management, along with a number of time management tools, tips, and links to other study sites.
  • How much time is in your week?
    This University of St. Thomas-based site has some great tools for calculating your daily and weekly time schedules.
  • Procrastination
    Seven conditions to help determine whether procrastination is a problem for you, six reasons why people procrastinate, and ten strategies for how to combat procrastination. 
  • Personal Time Management
  • Five Smart Tips for Time Management