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To fulfill the University's graduation requirements, all students are required to complete a general education quantitative reasoning requirement as a part of the Exploratory Curriculum.  For students entering SPU in the 2013-2014 academic year or after, this is called the Ways of Knowing Quantitative Reasoning (WKQR) requirement.  For students who entered SPU in the 2012-2013 academic year or earlier, this is called the Exploratory Curriculum Mathematics (MAT) requirement.

Through their WKQR courses, students will learn to reason abstractly and deductively, understand and analyze data, and become fluent in quantitative problem-solving. Students in WKQR courses should: 

  • Develop competency in meaningful ideas of mathematics, including deductive reasoning, quantitatively-oriented problem-solving, and analysis of data.

  • Develop an appreciation for and an ability to use quantitative methods as a powerful means for problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Increase the quantitative and logical reasoning abilities needed for a liberal arts education, the workplace, and informed citizenship.

All of the courses which fulfill this requirement are college level mathematics courses which require a certain level of mastery of basic mathematical skills as a prerequisite.  See our mathematics placement page for more information about the prerequisites for these courses.

The Exploratory Curriculum WKQR or MAT requirement can be met by choosing one of the following:

  • MAT 1221  Survey of Calculus
  • MAT 1234  Calculus I
  • MAT 1300  Introduction to Statistical Reasoning
  • MAT 1360  Introduction to Statistics (course no longer offered)
  • MAT 1521  Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
  • MAT 2360  Introduction to Statistics for the Sciences
  • MAT 2700  Statistics for Business and Economics
  • BUS 2700  Statistics for Business and Economics
  • CSC 1521  Contemporary Math with Computing
  • EDU 2600  Statistics Unleashed
  • SOC 2360  Intro to Statistics in Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 2360  Intro to Statistics in Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Students can fulfill the requirement by taking both MAT 1560 (Numerical Reasoning) and MAT 2561 (Statistical and Algebraic Reasoning) for a total of 8 credits.  These courses are designed for students preparing to become K-8 teachers.

Note that courses such as College Algebra or Precalculus do NOT fulfill the Exploratory Curriculum requirement.  Please choose from one of the courses listed above.

Note: Students who entered SPU in Autumn of 2009 or earlier are required to complete a basic math skills competency requirement in addition to the exploratory curriculum requirement. 


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