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Mathematics Department
Welcome to the web pages of the 
Seattle Pacific University Mathematics Department.

Departmental Mission:

The mathematics department at Seattle Pacific University seeks to provide excellent instruction to enable our students to be competent in the mathematics required for their chosen fields, and to share our expertise with the community through service and leadership.

General departmental information:

Mathematics Faculty
Mathematics Course Descriptions and Schedule

General Education Requirements.  To fulfill SPU's graduation requirements, all undergraduates must take at least one math course as a part of the exploratory curriculum.  Information about this requirement and about placement policies for mathematics courses can be found below:

Mathematics Placement
Exploratory Curriculum Mathematics Requirement

Have you considered majoring in mathematics?  In a recent ranking of 250 jobs based on salaries, work environment, job security, outlook, stress levels, and physical demands, all of the top five jobs were in mathematics and computer science.  Details about majors and minors in mathematics:

Majors in Mathematics and Computational Mathematics
Why Major in Mathematics?
Minor in Mathematics



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