Patrick McDonald
Seattle Pacific University
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy  (Since August 2001)
3307 Third Ave. W
Seattle, WA   98119
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Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. 2001 (History and Philosophy of Science), University of Notre Dame

M.A, 1997 (History and Philosophy of Science), University of Notre Dame
B.A., 1992 (Philosophy, Great Books Honors Program), Seattle University

Areas of Specialization
Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy of Science
Science and Religion

Honors and Awards

Participant: John Templeton Oxford Seminars on Science and Religion (2003 – 2005).

Professor of the Year 2003 – 04. Seattle Pacific University. Voted by the Student Body.

Academic Renewal Grant. Seattle Pacific University, College of Arts and Sciences (Spring 2004).

Fulbright Fellowship, 1998–99, Humboldt Universität, Berlin, dissertation research.
Humanities and Science Award, Seattle University, 1992.

Helmholtz, Hermann von. "On the Essence of Fermentation and Putrefaction." (1843) Introduction and Translation. Science in Context 14 (2001). [Invited Contribution]
"Helmholtz's Methodology of Sensory Science, the Zeichentheorie, and Physical Models of Hearing Mechanisms." In Vienna Institute Yearbook, Volume 9. Edited by Michael Heidelberger and Friedrich Stadler. Dordrecht: Kluwer. (2002). [Blind Reviewed]
“Demonstration by Simulation: the Philosophical Significance of Experiment in Helmholtz's Theory of Perception.” Perspectives on Science 11, no. 2 (2003). [Blind Reviewed]
“Naturalism” and “Nominalism” in Heidi Campbell & Heather Looy (eds.), The Science and Religion Primer (Baker Academic, in press). [Invited Contribution]
“A Defense of a Moderate Methodological Naturalism” In DIALOGUE: Issues in Contemporary Discussion. Edited by Ade P. Dopamu, Tosin Awolalu, Stephen G. Delamarter. Lagos Nigeria: Big Small Books, (2006). [Invited Contribution]
“In Defense of Methodological Naturalism” Accepted pending revisions: Christian Scholar’s Review. Co-author, Nivaldo Tro, Professor of Chemistry, Westmont College. [Blind Reviewed]
"Human Evolution and Christian Faith" Omega:  Indian Journal of Science and Religion. (December, 2010)
"McMullin on Human Evolution and Christian Faith"  American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, 86: 2 (Spring, 2012).

Book Reviews

Review of Helmholtz:  from Enlightenment to Neuroscience, 2010, Cambridge, MIT Press.  In HOPOS:  The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (forthcoming).
Papers Presented to Professional Societies
"Plantinga on Simonian Science" Wesleyan Philosophical Society,  Seattle, March, 2013 (forthcoming)
"McMullin on Human Evolution and Christian Faith" American Catholic Philosophical Association.  St. Louis, October, 2011.
“The Context, Significance, and Reception of Helmholtz’s Physiological Acoustics” American Physical Society – Northwest Section, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA (May 19, 2006).
Commentary on “Virtue and Reliability” Northwest Philosophy Conference, Seattle University, Seattle, WA (October, 2005).
“Exploring Naturalistic Methodology in an Emerging Scientific Psychology: the Balancing Act of Lotze and Fechner.” Invited Paper, UW Philosophy of Science Conference, University of Washington (May 2005).
Commmentary on “Is Analytic Philosophy of Science Any Help to Science?: The Case of Peter Achinstein’s Book of Evidence.” Northwest Philosophy Conference, Bellevue Community College, Bellevue, WA (October, 2004).
“Accommodating Naturalistic Method and Anti-Naturalistic Worldviews: Lotze and Fechner.” HOPOS 2004: Fifth International History of Philosohy of Science Conference, San Francisco (June, 2004).
“Different Styles or Different Traditions: Helmholtz and Koenig on Vowel Tones” University of Washington History of Science Colloquium (March , 2004)
“Helmholtz’s Research on Vowel Tones” Columbia History of Science Group (March, 2003).
“Augustinian Science: Good, Bad, or Bogus? Plantinga on Methodological Naturalism.” Northwest Philosophy Conference, Portland,OR (October, 2002).
“Hermann von Helmholtz and Claude Bernard on the Epistemology of Experiment” HOPOS 2002: Fourth International History of Philosohy of Science Conference, Montreal (June 2002).
“Demonstration by Simulation: the Central Place of Experiment in Helmholtz’s Philosophy of Perception,” PSA 2000: Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Vancouver, British Columbia (November, 2000).
“Developing a Methodology of Sensory Science: Hermann von Helmholtz’s Zeichentheorie and Physical Models of Hearing Mechanisms,” HOPOS 2000: Third International History of Philosophy of Science Conference, Vienna (July 2000).
“Darwin and Helmholtz: Happy Union or Irreconcilable Differences?” Meeting of the International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology, University of Washington, Seattle (July, 1997).
“An Husserlian Analysis of Kant’s Transcendental Ego,” Husserl Circle Conference, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois (June, 1993).

Other Conferences, Symposia, and Invited Talks
Chair of Session - Kantian Ethics.  American Philosophical Association:  Pacific Division Meeting.  April 4-7, 2012
"On Francis Collins Language of God"  Discussion leader - Exeter House, March, 2012.
"Epistemological Issues in Science and Religion"  Talk to Members of University Presbyterian Church.  November, 2011.
Christianity and Human Evolution: Are They Compatible?" Morehead State University.  August 31, 2009.
SPU Baccalaureate Talk - 2008.
“The Consolations and Desolations of Academic Integrity” SPU’s Campus Lifestlyes Series. October 28, 2004.
“Learning, Experience, and Making Meaning in the Common Curriculum” Address to the Faculty at SPU Faculty Retreat. September, 2004.
“Different Styles or Different Traditions?: Helmholtz and Koenig on Vowel Tones” University of Washington History of Science Colloquium, March 1, 2004.
“Helmholtz on Sensation and Perception.” University of Notre Dame Cognitive Science Group (March, 2000).
“Helmholtz’s Experiments on Combination Tones and his Epistemology of Science,” Studientag für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin (June, 1999).
“Hermann von Helmholtz: A Life in Science,” Humboldt Gesellschaft of the Freie Universität zu Berlin ( June, 1999).
“Helmholtz, Scientific Realism and Electrodynamic Research.” 16th Annual Mephistos Conference, University of California at Los Angeles (February, 1997).
“Nersessian, Incommensurability, and the Formation of the Concept of the Electromagnetic Field,” 15th Annual Mephistos Conference, University of Toronto (February, 1996).
“Helmholtz on Sensation and Perception.” University of Notre Dame Cognitive Science Group (March, 2000).
“J.B. Stallo's Theory of Cognition and Philosophy of Science,” 14th Annual Mephistos Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington (March, 1995).

Epistemology of Experiment and the Physiological Acoustics of Hermann von Helmholtz. (Advisor: Don Howard)

Professional Service
Interviewer for SPU Fulbright Committee.  2008-09.
Interviewer for SPU Pre-Professional Health Committee.
Mentor for Ames Scholar - Rodelia Doria - 2007-08.
Faculty Mentor - 2004-2005 - for Janet Bester-Meredith.
Session Organizer, HOPOS 2004 (under consideration).
Reviewer Christian Scholar's Review.
Organizing Committee Member for Seattle’s Local Society for Science and Religion Dialouge.

  Member of: International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science


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