Studying abroad can be a great way to expand your perspective, enhance your résumé, and gain real-world exposure in your field of study. Students from all majors are encouraged to consider spending time abroad. Studying abroad can be affordable and applicable to your degree.

Whether you have identified a specific study abroad program, or you need help exploring your options, check out SPU Study Abroad website. You can browse the different trip options available to you, schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor, and begin your study abroad application.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and have decided on a program, determine how the coursework you complete abroad will transfer back to SPU. Depending on the type of study abroad program you select, you could receive credit in one of several ways.

Types of programs

SPU study abroad programs

SPU programs are led by SPU faculty members, and students receive academic credit from SPU for completing specific courses. You won’t register for these credits yourself; the Office of the Registrar will register for you once you’ve committed to a certain trip.

SPU’s global seminars

SPU’s global seminars are a great option for students looking to make the most of mid-year breaks; they allow students to earn academic credit while studying abroad for just a few weeks. The credit you earn by completing a global seminar will be applied toward the following quarter. During a Winter Quarter global seminar, for example, students earn credit toward their Winter Quarter schedule and toward their quarterly maximum of 18 credits.

Best Semester programs

Best Semester programs are led by faculty members from SPU’s sister schools within the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Students take a pre-determined series of classes (varies by program) and will receive their academic credit through SPU. Best Semester classes are not the same as classes offered on campus, and students must work directly with their faculty advisor to determine if Best Semester coursework can fulfill requirements in their major or minor. 

Partner programs

Partner programs are not directly affiliated with SPU and are typically hosted by one of several study abroad program providers that arrange the academic and personal aspects of your trip, including partnership with a local university, housing, excursions, and on-site support. You’ll earn academic credit one of two ways:

  • Through a school of record, most likely an accredited American institution, that has partnered with a study abroad provider to award academic credit for the courses offered during the trip.
  • Through a local host institution at your study abroad site. Credit is usually awarded according to the norms of the host country, and grading scales and credit equivalencies may be different from the standard American quarter/semester credit systems. Your academic counselor and the Office of the Registrar team will help determine how these credits and grades will translate back to American quarter credits.

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