CCC classes

The Center for Career and Calling offers several classes throughout the year to help you explore your calling, choose your major, plan your career, and more. Here’s what we offer:

GS 2000/4000: “Finding Your Vocation”

This seminar-style class helps you address important questions about who you are and how you sense God’s call on your life. You will come to know yourself better and learn to make good decisions by listening to what gives your life a deep sense of meaning and purpose. You will learn and practice methods that will help you make prayerful decisions in everyday life both now and in the future. 

Taught by the Center for Career and Calling’s vocational discernment counselor, Carla Orlando (2 credits). View the Time Schedule.

GS 2001: “Major and Career Exploration”

This class helps you identify your strengths, abilities, interests, and vocational calling. Interactive and reflective exercises encourage self-discovery, and career research and networking assignments assist in developing skills for lifelong career development. 

You’ll leave with new ideas, valuable tools, and a personal action plan. Highly recommended for freshmen and sophomores, as well as for students transferring to SPU who are unsure about their major. 

Offered Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. Taught by Center for Career and Calling professionals (2 credits). View the catalog.

GS 3001: “College to Career Planning”

This class assists you with many aspects of transitioning from SPU — clarifying goals, marketing yourself to find a meaningful job/career path, and exploring adjustments to change. Activities and course assignments are interactive. Examples include:

  • Creating a vision for life and work
  • Learning how to develop job search skills and tools, such as résumés, cover letters, references, and LinkedIn profile
  • Developing and utilizing your network of contacts
  • Interviewing
  • Other job search and transition skills

This class is highly recommended for juniors and seniors who are approaching their time of transition out of college. 

Offered Winter and Spring quarters. Taught by Center for Career and Calling professionals (1 credit). View the catalog.

BUS 2910: “Internship and Career Strategies”

This class assists you in developing the skills you need to find an internship that is a good match with your skills and interests. You will develop skills in:

  • Creating your résumé
  • Writing cover letters
  • Developing your LinkedIn profile
  • Identifying and articulating your strengths and skills
  • Using resources for finding internships
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Understanding the requirements for an approved business internship

It is recommended that you take this class at the end of your sophomore or beginning of your junior year. 

Offered Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters. Taught by Center for Career and Calling professionals (1 credit). View the catalog.

BUS 4942: “Internship Reflection Course”

Prerequisite: BUS 2910. This class, for business majors, provides you with field experience opportunities to relate and apply principles of business, faith, service, and leadership to a professional business setting. The course consists of:

  1. An internship in a professional business setting (minimum 10 hours per week)
  2. Completion of assignments posted on Canvas, including writing a professional résumé and an integrative presentation

You must have an approved internship prior to registering for the class, and your registration must be approved prior to your being allowed into the course (1–5 credits). View the catalog.