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SPU License Plate

Let your car display your Falcon pride — while supporting SPU student scholarships! 

SPU License Plate design proposals

Artwork not final.

Seattle Pacific has begun the process to create an official SPU Falcon Washington state license plate. Here’s what the state of Washington requires — and how you can help SPU make it happen:

  • Before Department of Licensing (DOL) considers the Seattle Pacific University plate series, it requires at least 3,500 intended license plate purchases from Washington state vehicle owners.
  • Filling out the form below, or at your next alumni event, indicates your intent to purchase these plates, if they become available. 
  • We’ll also need the assistance of someone in the Washington State Legislature willing to sponsor the legislation once those signatures are collected.
  • Washington state also requires a start-up fee. 

When the special plates are available Seattle Pacific will contact you to let you know Falcon plates are available for order — with each one contributing $28 to support SPU student scholarships.

SPU License Plate mockups on actual cars

Artwork not final.

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