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They've Got Chemistry

By Hannah Notess (

From the Archives

It shouldn't be rocket science to identify these wise guys (yep, they're all guys): members of the "SCIOS" club who, the Tawahsi yearbook tells us, "held regular meetings in which they learned of many of the advances made in all !elds of science."

Perhaps you can even identify a scientific discovery made by one of the members of this club (that's extra credit). The first reader to name all the scientists will become the proud owner of an SPU sweatshirt! Drop us a line at

From Last Issue's Archives

Contest Winners: A Song in Their Hearts

From the Archives
(Left to right) Clint Pozzi '72, Beth Kroon Davey '71, Kevin Fehrmann '72, Darcy Sorensen Perry '72, Dennis Powell '71, Joanne Brogan Barczi '72, Larry Edwards '71, Deborah Barrow Wetzel '73, and Ron Edwards '70.

We heard from many, many readers who identified the 1970–71 SPC Singers, including sweatshirt-winners Paula Witt Haakenson '73 and Deborah Barrow Wetzel '73. Debbie also pointed out that the photo was inadvertently cropped to exclude two of the singers, including her!

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