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Web Feature Posted January 31, 2014

The 2013 Response Top 10

Adoption Unscripted: One of 2013's top 10 articles for Response online.
“Adoption Unscripted” was one of 2013's top 10 articles that readers visited at Response online. Pictured (center): Angela Burt Tucker '08 with her parents Teresa and David Burt. Photo by Luke Rutan.

Nearly 112,000 visitors explored Response online in 2013, and they connected with Seattle Pacific University’s award-winning magazine from around the globe.

Visitors used computers, smart phones, and tablets in U.S. cities and internal locales ― from Boston, Los Angeles, Bozeman, and Honolulu to international locales such as Hong Kong, Riyadh, Seoul, and Moscow.

Here are the articles readers like you visited the most:

10. Healing Arts (Spring 2013)

9. Photographer Has an Inner Eye for Detail (Autumn 2013)

8. Smart Tables (Spring 2013)

7. Sent Out From This Place (Summer 2013)

6. Finishing at Home (Spring 2013)

5. Table Manners (Spring 2013)

4. Remembering Cynthia Fitch-Steenson (posted July 2013)

3. Adoption Unscripted (Summer 2013)

2. Empowered by Hope (Summer 2013)

1. Mud, Monsters, and Marriage (posted June 2013)