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Summer 2005 | Volume 28, Number 2

The Christian Challenge in the Postmodern World

The C.S. Lewis for Our Time?
One of the world’s foremost New Testament scholars, N.T. Wright, Anglican Bishop of Durham, England, visited campus in May for the President’s Symposium on the Gospel and Cultural Engagement. Read the full-text versions of four lectures by the man SPU President Philip Eaton calls “the C.S. Lewis for our time.”
The Christian Challenge in the Postmodern World
Decoding The Da Vinci Code
The Bible and Christian Imagination
God, 9/11, the Tsunami, and the New Problem of Evil

Confirmed in Her Calling

A Conversation With N.T. Wright
“Now, suddenly, everyone wants spirituality, but the one place they think they won’t get it is in church,” says N.T. Wright in an exclusive interview with SPU’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Les Steele. Wright and Steele discuss what it means for a Christian to engage a postmodern culture with the gospel.

Joy-full Work
The American workplace, says Joy at Work author Dennis Bakke, continues to borrow from Industrial Revolution principles. “There are still bosses out there who treat people like machines,” he explains. Bakke proposes a new philosophy of work — one that makes room for something unexpected: fun.
Dennis Bakke’s Top 10 Principles for Experiencing Joy in the

Turn the Pulpit Loose
Society said their place was in the home. Instead, since the early 19th century, American women such as Jarena Lee, Evangeline Booth, and Ida Robinson heeded God’s call to preach. A new book by SPU Professor of Theology Priscilla Pope-Levison uncovers the lost history of women evangelists.
Beaming With the Glory of God

Outside the Boardroom
On the third season of NBC's hit reality show “The Apprentice,” Alex Thomason '00 nearly became Donald Trump's newest protégé. Now miles from Fifth Avenue, Thomason contemplates the boardroom, life on a farm, and the road ahead.
Reality Check
Meet Alex at Casey Weekend This Summer

Response Photography Competition 2005
What does “engaging the culture” look like? How would you capture “changing the world” on film? Response invites you to submit photographs that in some way convey the theme “engaging the culture, changing the world.”


“Serenity” Rewards Faithful Fans, Thrills a New Audience
Indiana Jones can move over. Fans of thrill-a-minute movies are lining up to see "Serenity," and Response explains why.

A Horror Movie With Soul?
Scott Derrickson, a filmmaker who writes horror movies for Hollywood, says Christians can learn important lessons from horror.

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What’s in a Signature?
A university’s distinctives can be considered its signature, says SPU President Philip Eaton. “I want to see us at Seattle Pacific become even more clear about our identity, to search deep down for our signatures.” [President]

No Limits
Local grade school and high school students set their sights on a university education after visiting SPU. [Campus]

Joy in Mudville
Bill Woodward, two-time Weter Faculty Award winner, contrasts “the American dream” and biblical hope. [Faculty]

A Display of Intelligence
A 1991 alumna is helping national intelligence agencies fight the global war on terror through her innovative ideas. [Alumni]

After the Jedi
Response reflects on history’s most successful movie franchise, “Star Wars,” and how it and other movies have shaped culture. [Books & Film]

Falcon’s No. 20 and Huskies’ No. 20 team up to share their faith in public appearances off the basketball court. [Athletics]

My Response
Kevin Lakey, a 2005 graduate, reflects on a life-changing accident, blessings, and God’s grace.

Back-Cover Art
Response remembers Jimi Lott, longtime photographer for SPU, Response, and The Seattle Times.

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