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History is the study of the vast record of human experience, the collective memory of humankind. As memory defines selfhood and guides behavior, so history teaches about social identity and responsibility.

Just as memory changes and matures, so does the collective understanding of the past change as new evidence is discovered and new perspectives are developed. Like a detective hunt, the discipline of history teaches us to seek facts, weigh interpretations, and draw conclusions. It requires wide reading, deep thinking, and clear communication.

Historical study at SPU seeks a balanced understanding of world cultures, exploring the roots and development of Western civilization in the ancient and medieval periods, tracing the interaction between the West and the rest of the world, and probing more deeply into American, European, and non-Western history. Along the way, we trace the impact of Christianity in both Western and non-Western settings.

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Two new programs began Autumn Quarter 2016

Talk to your academic advisor about how one of these new programs can help you reach your goals:

  • Asian Studies (major and minor). Encounter Asia from our unique Seattle location, on the Pacific Rim.
  • Museum Studies (concentration). Prepare for graduate study and employment in this exciting field.

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Museum Studies

The Museum Studies Track supplements the History major core with coursework that helps you prepare for graduate study and employment in the field of museum studies and public history.

Careers for History Majors

As a history major, you have several career options. Check out this resource from the American Historical Association: