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Photo of Alberto Ferreiro

Alberto Ferreiro, PhD
Professor of History
Email: beto@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2939
Office: Alexander Hall 409

Education: BA, University of Texas-Arlington, 1977; MA, University of Texas-Arlington, 1979; PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara, 1986.At SPU since 1986. View Dr. Ferreiro's CV. (PDF)
Specialties: Early Christianity, Medieval History, Intellectual History.
Research Interests: Spain and Portugal, spirituality, Roman Catholicism.
Click here for information about the Salamanca program.

Photo of Mike Hamilton

Michael S. Hamilton, PhD
Professor of History; Chair of the History Department

On leave 2016 through 2017
Email: mhamilton@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2773
Office: Alexander Hall 408

Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1986; MA, University of Notre Dame, 1988; PhD, University of Notre Dame, 1995. At SPU since 1999. View Dr. Hamilton's CV. (PDF)
Specialties: American Religion, 19th- and 20th- century U.S.
Research Interests: Religion and American culture, Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism.

Rebecca C. Hughes, PhD

Assistant Professor of History

Email: hughesr@spu.edu 

Phone:  206-281-2773

Office:  Alexander Hall 408

Education: BA, Trinity University 1983;

MA, Central Connecticut State University 2001; PhD, University of Washington 2010

View Dr. Hughes' CV (PDF)

Specialities: History of Imperial Britain

Research Interests: British Missionaries in Africa; Gender, Race and Colonial Relationships

Photo of Donald Holsinger

Donald Holsinger, PhD
Professor of History
Email: dholsing@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2594
Office: Alexander Hall 410

Education: BA, Bethel College, 1970; PhD, Northwestern University, 1979. At SPU since 1990. View Dr. Holsinger's CV. (PDF)

Specialties: Middle East, Africa, Islamic civilization, modern global history.
Research Interests: Modern North Africa, comparative Third World, Islam and the West.

Photo of Rodney Stiling

Rodney Stiling, PhD
Associate Professor of History

Acting Chair of the History Department
Email: rstiling@spu.edu
Phone: (206) 281-2680
Office: Alexander Hall 412

Education: BA, University of California-LA, 1972; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1980; MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985; PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991. View Dr. Stiling's CV. (PDF)
Specialties: History of science
Research Interests: History of geology, science, and religion, science in America

Photo of William Woodward

William Woodward, PhD
Professor of History
Email: woodward@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2163
Office: Alexander Hall, Ste 210

Education: BA, Wheaton College, 1969; MA, Georgetown University, 1974; PhD, Georgetown University, 1974. At SPU since 1974. View Dr. Woodward's CV. (PDF)
Specialties: Colonial and 19th Century U.S., U.S. diplomatic history, American West and Pacific Northwest.
Research Interests: Militia and National Guard of Washington Territory and State; aspects of American popular culture.

Photo of Ye Zhiguo

Zhiguo Ye, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Email: yez@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2180
Office: Alexander Hall 406

Education:  BA, Wuham University, China, 2002; MA, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2005; PhD, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2010. At SPU since 2010. View Dr. Ye's CV. (PDF)
Specialties: East Asia history, Imperial and Modern China.
Research Interests: Modern Chinese, social and cultural history, urban history, environment.

Liaison Librarian for History

University Archivist


Adrienne Meier
Email: ameier@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2422
Office:  103 Ames Library


Asian Studies Faculty

Xu Bian
Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics
Email: bianx@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2030
Office: Marston Hall 245

Rebecca Hughes
Deptartment of History
Email: hughesr@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2773
Office: Alexander Hall 408

Diana Keuss
Department of History
Email: keussd@spu.edu

Bradley Murg
School of Business, Government, and Economics
Email: murgb@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2651
Office: SBGE Center House

Zhiguo Ye
Department of History
Email: yez@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2180
Office: Alexander Hall 206



Part-Time Faculty 2016–17

Darrell Allen


Matthew Rivera

Email:  riveram@spu.edu

John Strickland

Email: stricklandj@spu.edu

David Thomas

Email: thomasd7@spu.edu

JD Wyneken

Email: wynekenj@spu.edu


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