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The Eleventh Annual John Perkins Lecture Series


"Life is not a question. Life is a statement about our God."  - Dr. John Perkins

2016 Perkins Lecture Series

Dr. John Perkins returned to campus for the Eleventh Annual John Perkins Lecture Series. Dr. Perkins was able to visit with church and community partners at Urban Impact during his visit.

In addition to his 2016 Annual Lecture on Tuesday, April 19, the Perkins Center hosted the presentation and celebration of two historical works by African American artist Charles Ethan Porter (1847-1923). 


Paintings by Charles Ethan Porter


Two historical paintings by African American artist Charles Ethan Porter (1847-1923) were donated to Seattle Pacific University's John M. Perkins Center by William Sacherek and Liselotte Lamerdin.

The donation was in appreciation of the Center's tangible work of reconciliation with students and the community.  Not only is this the first acquisition of art for President Martin's directive for a University art collection, this is a first of its kind gift to SPU of historical, African American professional artistry.

The paintings are also a testament to the legacy of Dr. John Perkins, who has gifted SPU with his wisdom and leadership.

Porter was a devout methodist and sponsored artist of Mark Twain. The life and giftedness of Charles Porter and these paintings, incorporate an important story for SPU and our continued learning on the journey of reconciliation - that of inclusion and cultural richness, challenges of injustices such as poverty and racism, and contributions of life purpose and creativity. 

What a gift of opportunity this provides to our students and our campus community into the future.

Seniors Support the Porter Paintings

The Senior Gift Committee is supporting the restoration and installation of the Charles Porter paintings. 

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Paintings by Charles Ethan Porter featured on KCPQ TV Paintings by Charles Ethan Porter donated to the John Perkins Center at Seattle Pacific University were featured on KCPQ TV (April 19, 2016).