A New York State of Mind

Six SPUers jump into the New York art world

By Julia Siemens | Photos By Nick Onken
New York State of Mind
View the Photo Gallery. Photos By Nick Onken

Lauren Krabbe started last Autumn Quarter differently than ever before. Instead of flying from Colorado to Seattle, she flew to JFK, hailed a cab, and gave the cab driver her address in Queens. "Being in New York made me feel so grown up," she says. "NYCAMS definitely does not baby you."

NYCAMS (the New York Center for Arts Media Studies) hosted a total of 24 students from Christian colleges all over the country this fall. Lauren is one of six art students from Seattle Pacific University who took classes led by professional artists, worked in internships, and regularly visited some of the 40 museums and hundreds of galleries in New York City. "The idea is that New York City is the classroom," says Interim Director Brent Dickinson. "SPU students are at an advantage over students who come from a rural context, because they are able to hit the ground running."

Jordan Bonney got an internship at Mother New York, a quirky advertising design firm where employees have photos of their moms on their business cards. The agency has a number of large accounts, such as Target, Stella Artois, and Sweet'N Low. Jordan worked on some illustrations at Mother, but most of his job consisted of "heavy stuff" — scanning images, lifting boxes, running miles and miles of errands. "Everyone always tells me, 'that's so Devil Wears Prada,' Bonney says. "But it taught me a lot about design in the real world."

On a much smaller scale, Melissa Ergo interned with photographer Ira Lippke. "It's cool to work for someone who does something I'm interested in, is really successful, and is a Christian," she says.

Melissa spent a lot of time adjusting photos and designing albums, while she still helped out at other tasks, such as sweeping the floor. "He let me do the things that they do," she says. "They trusted me"

Near the end of NYCAMS, Melissa was excited to return to Seattle. "New York has put a lot of confidence in me," she says. "I feel inspired to pursue some really great internships in Seattle."

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