Staff Council

Staff Council gives all SPU staff members an opportunity to be informed, give input, receive recognition, and grow professionally while they are employed by Seattle Pacific University.

The Council serves as a liaison between the staff and administration, seeking opportunities for open communication and growth with the SPU community through forums and events.

Since it began in 1993, Staff Council’s goals have remained the same: to create a sense of community across department lines and to provide a convenient way for the administration to get input from staff on a variety of issues. Comprised of SPU staff members from each VP area, Staff Council also promotes unity among SPU staff members, both exempt and non-exempt.

2016 Staff Members of the Year

Curt Jacobson and Ineliz Soto-Fuller

Congratulations to Ineliz Soto-Fuller, director of Undergraduate Admissions, the Exempt Staff Member of the Year, and Curt Jacobson, service desk manager in the Office of Facility and Project Management, the Oral V. Hemry Non-Exempt Staff Member of the Year. Read what their peers had to say about their service to Seattle Pacific University.

Staff Member of the Month

Each month an SPU staff member is designated the Staff Member of the Month. Nominated by their peers and selected by Staff Council, these staff members exemplify service to the University, showing leadership in their staff role and elsewhere.

Julie Bukoski

Meet the June 2016 SPU Staff Member of the Month: Julie Bukowski, Warehouse manager in Facility and Project Management.

Nominate a deserving staff member

Do you know of an SPU staff member who goes above and beyond in serving the University and its mission? Nominate that individual for one of these awards today: