Faculty Employment Handbook

2018-19 Faculty Employment Handbook

Faculty Bylaws

Employment Policies and Procedures

This Faculty Employment Handbook (hereafter called Handbook), containing the approved policies and procedures of the University concerning terms and conditions of employment of faculty, is incorporated into the individual contract/letter of appointment of each faculty member. Where the terms or provisions of an individual contract/letter of appointment are inconsistent with the general policies contained herein, the provisions of the individual contract/letter of appointment shall supersede. Otherwise, the provisions of this handbook are legally binding on all parties for the specific period covered by a contract/letter of appointment and will not change during that period. Sections 12, 13, and 14 address interpretation of this document in those instances when questions arise. Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary, the University has no obligation to extend any employment contract except contracts with its tenured faculty members.

In order to carry out many of the policies and procedures outlined in the Handbook, and to discharge the duties of curricular oversight, the Board of Trustees recognizes the need for the faculty to organize itself with duly constituted officers and committees.