Adjunct Faculty Handbooks

Welcome to Seattle Pacific University. We are pleased to have you join us as you share your expertise with our students. Adjunct faculty perform an essential role in the courses and programs offered through Seattle Pacific University. In addition to the links below, you may also want to visit the New Adjunct Faculty page maintained by Human Resources. We are happy to clarify any information and answer other questions as they may arise. Contact your academic unit for expanded information specific to your program. We hope your experience with Seattle Pacific University is positive. We appreciate the contribution you will make.

Adjunct Faculty Handbooks by Department

College of Arts and Sciences - Arts and Humanities Division

Music/Theatre -
Contact Bobbie Childers: (206)281-2411,
Humanities -
Contact Marylin Hancock: (206)281-2617,

College of Arts and Sciences - Sciences Division

Biology/Chemistry -
Contact Helen Talbot: (206)281-2351,
Engineering/Computer Science/Mathematics/Physics -
Contact Robin Hirano: (206)281-2140,
Family and Consumer Science -
Contact Mia Hays: (206)281-2195,

School of Business Government and Economics

School of Education

School of Health Sciences

Contact Julie Ann Harrington: (206)281-2606, or

School of Psychology, Family, and Community

School of Theology