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Hello and welcome to the School of Business, Government, and Economics (SBGE) at SPU. My name is Dick Sleight (pronounced “slate”) and I’m the information and technology manager for the school.  This is my quarterly welcome and update to SBGE adjunct faculty regarding instructional technology and other important policies and procedures.


In a school our size, each staff member wears many hats.  I'm the CIO, webmaster, building manager, minor advisor, photographer, and a faculty member myself.  It's also my job to get you matched to your course in our University Time Schedule.  


Much of what follows will be old news to many of you who have taught here before. But to all of you I extend my offer of assistance in every area touching on instructional technology.  One of my duties is to help new instructors get started.  Here is a brief summary of how I can help and some basic introduction to what is available.  


Kris McGaw (, SBGE Budget Manager, is responsible for adjunct faculty contracts.  When she learns that a new contract is needed, she may contact you to obtain information for it, especially if you are new to SPU.  Your contract includes this personal information: full name, Social Security number (or SPU ID number on subsequent contracts), street address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, home and/or work phone numbers, and email address.  You may email this information to her to expedite your contract.  Also, if any of this information changes, please let Kris know.


Along with preparing the actual contract and obtaining your signature, there are a number of related items to which you need to attend.

  • I-9 form  If you have not taught with us in the past 12 months, Kris is required to verify information on the I-9 form.     In most cases, this means he must make a copy of a page from your U.S. passport and verify its authenticity.  (Two other approved documents may be substituted in place of your passport.)  Follow the link for full instructions.  

  • W-4 form  Follow the instructions at this link if we don't have an up-to-date W-4 form for you. When you meet with Kris regarding your I-9 form, you may deliver your completed W-4 form to her or fill one out.

  • Background Check  Since 2011, background checks have been required of new hires.  Our Human Resources office will contact you.  These standard checks are performed by an outside vendor.

  • Direct Deposit  All payments are made by direct deposit.  Please follow the instructions at this link to set up your online payments.

  • Employment training modules:  Once you have received your SPU credentials (username and ID number), you will need to complete a variety of online training modules.  One is on student privacy (FERPA), and another is on preventing harassment. More complete instructions are online here.

Adjunct Handbook:

We have collected a wide variety of important information in the SBGE Adjunct Handbook available online.  It is our intent to update this useful document at least annually.


Classroom Technology: 

The classroom where you will be teaching has an instructor’s computer mounted in a podium connected to a ceiling-mounted projector.  (A few of the especially small conference rooms may lack the full suite of technology tools.) This computer and podium setup has CD/DVD capability and USB inputs plus an Internet connection. They also have VGA connections for your laptop.  If yours is an Apple laptop, be sure to bring any adapters needed to connect to VGA.  Many rooms also have document cameras for displaying hard copy resources.  Let me walk you through using these systems if they are new to you.


Two-Factor Authentication for SPU

Before I write about email, Banner, Canvas, and other online resources, I need to mention two-factor authentication (2FA).  Beginning in early 2019, all SPU faculty and staff will be required to use the added login security provided by 2FA.  Full details are given on this page.



The “Canvas” system is a web-based course management system.  Its primary uses include:

  • a location to distribute course documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other files via the web, yet restricted to your students alone.

  • a communication tool for one-way email or online group discussions.

  • grading management tools…and more…

You may find only a few of the Canvas features useful for your class at first, but our students are very familiar with this resource and often expect it.  Complete details about Canvas are available online.

Your students are automatically given access to your Canvas site.  Only students who appear on your class roster in Banner should have access to your course materials in Canvas.  Students should contact our Graduate Director, Dr. Jackie Miller (, or Jake Carlson (, our Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs, if they have registration questions.  They will help the students personally, or direct them to the appropriate assistance on campus.  Students with technology issues can contact me or the CIS Help Desk at (281-2982).

Be aware that although you can see your own content in Canvas, your students will only be able to see it once you "publish" it.  Publishing happens at three levels; documents (files), modules, and the whole course.


“Accounts” Domain Username:  

Once you are added to the SPU faculty/staff database, a unique username will be generated for you.  (If you don’t like what the computer chose for you, I can show you how to select an alias.  Mine is “SL8”. This is done in the Banner system.)  You will use this username to access SPU email and to login to SPU computers. You may also login (for now) to classroom computers using the generic username “podium” and a blank password.

I can tell you what your username is, if it has been created.  Your first stop on the web at SPU should then be the New User Setup login page.



The BANNER system is your doorway to class rosters, course schedules, end of quarter grade submission, and a wealth of other information about you and your courses.  Visit BANNER here. Explore BANNER and discover its resources.  I’d be happy to give you a tour.


Email and "Webmail": 

All SPU students, staff, and faculty, including adjunct faculty, are assigned an SPU email address  (  Mine is  Most adjunct faculty like to keep their personal email and course email separate.  You can access your email via “Webmail.”


The SPU and SBGE web sites:  

Much useful information is available on the SPU and SBGE web sites.  Many of these online resources can be quickly located by clicking on the small "mySPU" button on the top right of the SPU homepage. 


Class Rosters

Lists of your students are available in Banner.  You may also request a very complete roster in Excel from me.


FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

This federal law dealing with the privacy of student records applies to you and your students.  SPU provides these instructions. When in doubt, please contact a staff member here for clarification.  The required online training module is here.


Emergency Closure and Contact Information:

In the event of a possible campus closure, due to snow or earthquake or other cause, call 281-2800 for the latest updated information.


In the event of an armed intruder, a fire, an earthquake, or other emergency situation on campus, it is important that all faculty, staff and students are properly notified and accounted for. 

First, become familiar with campus emergency procedures.  In the event of a building evacuation or lockdown, please follow the instructions of the Building Emergency Coordinators (BECs).  I am a BEC for McKenna Hall.  It is especially important that you familiarize yourself on this issue if you are teaching in the evening when we BECs have gone home!

Be sure you are recorded in the SPU Emergency Alert System and that SPU has Emergency Contact Information for you.

If you haven’t done this already, log into the Banner Info System and click the Personal Menu, then Emergency Alert System. Follow the instructions to provide:

  • Up to two alternate (“non-SPU”) email addresses
  • Up to two alternate cell phone numbers for text messaging
  • Up to two alternate (“non-SPU”)  telephone numbers for voice calls

This information is used only in an emergency situation ("who to contact" if something happens to you), and is viewable only by emergency personnel at SPU.

Campus Resources: Library and Center for Learning

Bookstore and Textbook Orders

The campus bookstore is here. And here is the link to faculty resources at the bookstore.

The Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development

The Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development provides teaching resources, training, events, and also is home to Educational Technology & Media.  For those seeking to upgrade their teaching skills, incorporate new techniques or technology, or explore best practices, check out what CSFD has to offer.  You are especially encouraged to look into the Teaching Essentials mini-courses they offer.

Adjunct Office: 

In July 2014, our school (renamed the School of Business, Government, and Economics), combined with the former Department of Political Science and Geography.  This resulted in a shortage of office spaces.  Many adjunct faculty bring their own laptops and I can assist you with getting connected to the "SPU-Wireless" network.  The Collaboration Lab at the east end of the McKenna Hall 1st floor serves as a convienient location for students and adjunct faculty to meet.


 My office (123A McKenna) is at the north end of the Collaboration Lab.


SPU ID Card, Building and Copier Access:

Once you have an SPU ID number, you'll need to stop by the University Services office (building #29 on 6th Ave. W.) and have your picture taken for your SPU ID card.  It is needed to access the 2nd floor of McKenna Hall if the main doors are closed, the outside doors on weekends, and the copiers in the 1st floor foyer or 2nd floor workroom. 


Course Syllabi: 

Please familiarize yourself with the SBGE Adjunct Handbook, our Model Syllabus Guidelines, and the Emergency Response Information syllabus addendum.  These documents are occasionally updated.  If you would like to have your syllabus reviewed, please email a copy to Dr. Kim Sawers (undergraduate courses), or Dr. Gary Karns (graduate or continuing education courses).

Each quarter, I collect the syllabi for each of our courses in digital form.  Please email me a copy of your syllabus as soon as you have it available.  Many instructors opt to email their syllabus to their students, or simply prepare it (or post it) in Canvas.


Submitting Course Grades:

To submit grades . . .

1)      Go to Banner.  Login with the same credentials you use for Canvas and SPU email.

2)      Go to the ”Faculty and Advisor Menu.”

3)      Select the “Faculty/Advisor Control Center.”

4)      You should see the “Enter Grades” button on the right under your course CRN.

5)      Don’t forget the “Submit Changes” button at the bottom of the page after you select the individual grades.

a. You can update/correct grades that have already been submitted until the grade submission due date.

b. In the event that a grade needs to be changed after the due date, return to the same web page where grades were submitted and you will see the option to "Change" grades below the current grade.  You'll likely need to scroll down a bit to see the students.


Computer Help:

And it should go without saying that I am your on-call geek when here at McKenna Hall.  Feel free to contact me anytime with hardware or software questions.  Of course, if you are teaching at night, my help is problematic.  My office is the only one on the first floor of McKenna Hall, 123A, at the north end of the Collaboration Lab east of the main stairway.  My office phone is (206) 281.2265.  The best way to reach me is via email at


I’d enjoy reviewing any of these items with you in person or by phone.  Feel free to schedule an appointment and I look forward to meeting you. My quarterly schedule is online here and my office is here.


Welcome (or welcome back) to SPU and SBGE!



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Updated 1/8/19