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The following is a partial list of books, articles, and videos by SPU community members around issues of racial reconciliation, justice, and diversity.


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Roadmap to Reconciliation: Moving Communities into Unity, Wholeness and Justice
Brenda Salter McNeil, associate professor and director of reconciliation studies
IVP Books, 2016
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Redeeming Mulatto: A Theology of Race and Christian Hybridity
Brian Bantum, associate professor of theology
Baylor University Press, 2010
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Freedom of the Self: Kenosis, Cultural Identity, and Mission at the Crossroads
Jeffrey Keuss, professor of Christian ministry, theology, and culture
Pickwick, 2010
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The Heart of Racial Justice: How Soul Change Leads to Social Change (with Rick Richardson)
Brenda Salter McNeil, associate professor and director of reconciliation studies
InterVarsity Press, 2009
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Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story of Global Christianity
Miriam Adeney, associate professor of world Christian studies
InterVarsity, 2009
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Daughters of Islam: Building Bridges With Muslim Women
Miriam Adeney, associate professor of world Christian studies
InterVarsity Press, 2002
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Research and presentations

Books | Articles | Videos


  • “Performing Changing Ideas of Race, Islam, and Democracy,” Kimberly Segall, professor of English. Presentation at the University of Washington. 
  • “Religious Support Mediates the Racial Microaggressions-Mental Health Relation Among Christian Ethnic Minority Students,” Paul Youngbin Kim, associate professor of psychology. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.
  • “Strategies for the Integration of Poverty Alleviation into Management Curriculum — Poverty: How Can Business Help?,” Geri Mason, assistant professor of economics. Book chapter in Responsible Management Education and the Challenge of Poverty: A Teaching Perspective


  • “Religion, Prejudice, and Intergroup Relations,” Tom Carpenter (coauthor), assistant professor of psychology. Religion, Personality, and Social Behavior (French-language edition).
  • “Obergefell, Locke, and the Changing Definition of Marriage,” Caleb Henry, associate professor of political science. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists in Ohio.
  • “Emotional Self-Control, Interpersonal Shame, and Racism as Predictors of Help-Seeking Attitudes among Asian Americans: An Application of the Intrapersonal-Interpersonal-Sociocultural Framework,” Dana Kendall, assistant professor of industrial-organizational psychology, and Paul Youngbin Kim, associate professor of psychology. Asian American Journal of Psychology.
  • “Migrant Education Program (MEP) Speech and Debate Tournaments: Supplemental, Enriching, and Achieving Common Core State Standards,” Julie Antilla, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction. Workshop at the National Migrant Education Conference in Seattle. 
  • “Diversity: A Mosaic for Global Renewal,” Robert Baah, professor of Spanish and Latin American studies. Presentation at the Christians on Diversity in the Academy Conference in Claremont, California.
  • Post-production discussion about August Wilson’s play “The Piano Lesson” at the Seattle Repertory Theatre, Tali Hairston, John Perkins Center director, and Bill Woodward, professor of history. 
  • Presentations at the third annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast at the Seattle Sheraton, Ashley Reese, coordinator of Multi-Ethnic Programs, and Kaylun Gregory, SPU sophomore.
  • “Baghdad Blogs: Urban Spaces, Violence, and Resistance,” and “Sites of Memory, Acts of Amnesia: South Africa, Palestine, Israel,” Kimberly Segall, professor of English. Papers presented at the Conference of Modern Language Association in Vancouver, B.C. 


  • Presentation on migrant education speech tournaments at the national Literacy Research Association conference in Marco Island, Florida, Julie Antilla-Garza, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, and Jorge Preciado.
  • “Cross-Cultural Study of Obesity Regarding Socio-cultural Attitudes on Appearance Involvement and Appearance Management Behaviors Through Clothing: 20s–30s Female Plus-size Consumers,” “Plus-size Consumers’ Perceptions on Obesity and Their Bodies for Developing Apparel Products,” and “Developing a Correct Scaled Body Figure for Global Apparel Product Development,” Jaeil Lee, professor of apparel design and merchandising (and co-authors). Presentations at the International Textiles and Apparel Association conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • “Persons Who Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning,” Cher Edwards, professor and chair of counselor education, and Christy Bauman, doctoral student. Book chapter in  Embracing Diversity: Treatment and Care in Addictions Counseling
  • “Jackson Kaujeua, the Musical Voice of the ‘Struggle’ in Namibia,” Myrna Capp, assistant professor of music. Paper presented at the Society for Ethnomusicology national conference in Pittsburgh.
  • “Religious Coping Moderates the Relation Between Racism and Psychological Well-Being Among Christian Asian American College Students,” Paul Youngbin Kim, associate professor of psychology; Dana Kendall, assistant professor of industrial-organizational psychology; and Marcia Webb, associate professor of psychology. Journal of Counseling Psychology. 
  • “Internalized Model Minority Myth, Asian Values, and Help-Seeking Attitudes Among Asian American Students,” Don Lee, Assistant Professor of Management; and Paul Youngbin Kim, associate professor of psychology. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
  • “Transforming the Higher Education Landscape: A Focus on Supporting Latino/a Students, Administrators, and Faculty,” Joel Pérez, dean of students for community life. Presentation at the annual conference of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators in Baltimore.


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SPU students, faculty, and staff engage in social justice in the classroom and off campus.

Graduates of the Ames Scholarship program talk about their experience and the difference it has made in their post-academic pursuits. The scholarship supports traditionally underrepresented students of color who demonstrate significant leadership, service, and/or church involvement.

What does it mean to be Asian American?” SPU Asian Pacific American (APA) undergraduate students, Seminary students, faculty, and staff developed this video for SPU’s APA Heritage Month Chapel service on May 5, 2015.

Brian Bantum

Why I Teach at SPU

Brian Bantum, Associate Professor of Theology

"I teach at SPU because here theological reflection is simply one aspect of an entire academic community’s desire to know and serve God and the church. At SPU, theology is always in conversation with the varied realities of our everyday lives and is thus enriched and complicated in beautiful ways."