Missions and Goals

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Mission Statement

The Music Department at Seattle Pacific University seeks to be an exemplary community committed to helping students to develop their talents and abilities fully, to engage cultural heritage, and to integrate music knowledge and skills in a life characterized by Christian faith, wholeness, and service.

Music Department Goals

  • We are committed to helping students develop their talents and abilities fully. As Christians, we affirm that we are formed in the image of God, and are endowed with the ability and the mandate to be creative. Therefore, we expect students to embrace their own giftedness, understand their potential, and exercise good stewardship through study, practice, and performance.
  • Through the study of music in its cultural, sociological, and historical contexts, we seek to graduate people who engage cultural heritage, who understand who they are, who possess historical perspective, and who will, therefore, be positive change agents in their communities.
  • We value music as a way to serve God and the greater community. Therefore, we are committed to helping students to integrate their knowledge and skills with their faith, equipping them for lives of service.