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Are you drawn to the theatre? Do you long for meaningful training to cultivate your gifts and talents? The Theatre Department at Seattle Pacific offers that training, along with the experience, scholarship, and inspiration necessary to succeed in Professional Performance, Design & Technical Theatre, or Theatre Education. Within the context of a liberal arts degree, you'll find yourself thinking creatively about how your unique gifts might match the needs of the world. Perhaps God is calling you to create new work, lead a church, go on a mission, or something else entirely. Get the training, practice, and experience to find out, all in a supportive community of artists. Find out at SPU.

The Theatre Department offers an extensive performance schedule divided among Mainstage, Studio, and Backstage productions. You, the students — both majors and nonmajors — make up the casts for these productions, and you are also involved in directing, set and costume design, lighting, stage management, and promotion and publicity.

Your study of theatre at Seattle Pacific will expose you to a broad cross-section of dramatic literature, theory, and historical perspective. You will develop an informed perspective of the role of theatre as a social, spiritual, and artistic institution. 

The Theatre Department now offers two majors: Costume Design and Production and the Theatre major, which integrates both performance and production. In that major, you can also choose from three areas of emphasis: Performance, Production, and P–12 Teaching.

We offer two minors in the Theatre Department as well, both of which provide you with the foundations of theatre, including performance, production, and playwriting.

Even if you don’t major in Theatre, you may qualify for a Seattle Pacific FPA scholarship, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

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Why Study Theatre?

Why Study Theatre?

Studying theatre, performing theatre, and otherwise engaging in the world and work of theatre will enrich your life and offer you many career and life opportunities.

“Theatre’s roots lie in religion, community, celebration, myth making, and delight. Its sociological and philosophical complexity is overwhelming. As a human study it is eminently worthy of academic focus.”
James Chapman
1937–2002, SPU Theatre
Department Founder